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by Ally- Life as I know it, 5:00 AM

Last Saturday I turned the big 3-0. I had the best day celebrating with my family and friends. I started my birthday off with brunch at 5Church. 5Church is on Market Street downtown in an old church, although the name has nothing to do with it being in a church. The restaurant was actually started in Charlotte, NC and they recently opened up a location here in Charleston. It's absolutely gorgeous inside. 

That night we met friends in Avondale and had dinner at Triangle then finished the night off at VooDoo. 


I started reading Falling by Jane Green this week and so far it's pretty good. I used to read her books back in high school and loved them all. The book is pretty predictable but it has a cute story line. 


Theo and I started watching the show Stranger Things on Netflix this week. It's filmed like an 80's movie and reminds me a lot of The Goonies. We're both really liking it!


Feltman Brothers has most of their Christmas Collection for 50% till Saturday! I know the Feltman Brothers look isn't for everyone but I love it and think the boys look like such little gentlemen in their vintage clothes. Of course the girls dresses are precious too. Their clothes are so timeless and classic. My mom saved my brother's Bobby Suit that he wore 27 years ago and I can't wait to put Oliver in it once he gets a little bigger. Oliver wore the Holiday Creeper for Christmas last year when he was only 2 months old. I'm thinking of ordering the Holiday Bobby Suit for this year. 


I've been teaching Oliver baby sign language and so far he hasn't shown to really grasp it yet, until yesterday. I went to get him after his afternoon nap and I walked in his room and he was sitting on his knees doing the "milk" sign in his crib! It was so cute! I bought these flash cards but honestly at his age he just wants to put them in his mouth so I end up learning the signs then showing them to him myself. Baby sign language is obviously not a necessity but I think it's fun and a great way for us to communicate. The main signs I teach him are milk, more, all done, drink and eat. 

Have a great weekend! We're heading to a baby shower tomorrow and the aquarium on Sunday!
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  1. Looks like you had fun celebrating your birthday! Happy belated birthday! I will have to check out the Feltman brothers sale- thanks for the heads up. I love the sign language idea. I might have to invest in those flash cards. Have a good weekend!

  2. I love seeing babes doing sign language - and it's awesome to see these little guys learn!

  3. Feltman is my favorite :) Happy belated Birthday!

  4. I never thought we'd use baby sign language but it was a HUGE help for Rowan to communicate with us before he could actually say the words, so I definitely think its a good idea to keep working on it with Oliver! PS So much fun finally having a night out with you guys!!

  5. I love Feltman Bros. Such timeless outfits. Happy belated birthday Love! Looks like you had a grand time!

  6. Looks like you had fun celebrating your birthday! 5Church is delicious! And Feltman Brothers is so classic! xo, Champagne&Suburbs


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