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by Ally- Life as I know it, 5:00 AM
I have got some bad habits that I need to break. I've been doing them for years so they're nothing new but now that I have a baby I've started to notice that he watches everything I do. So it's without a doubt he'll pick up on them. The other night I started making a list in my phone of my bad habits so I could actually think about them and find ways to try to break them. 

Stop using my phone around Oliver

When I was pregnant I decided I would never use my phone around Oliver because I didn't want him to play with phones/iPads as a baby. Well, then he was born and my phone was probably the second thing he saw after I pushed him out, besides my crying face, because from that moment on I haven't stopped taking pictures of him. So that plan was a big fail. Now I find myself ALWAYS on my phone around him. Texting, snapchatting, taking pictures, talking, googling, always something. I'll be texting someone and look up at him and he's wide eyed with his hands out because he wants my phone! He doesn't know what to do with it, he just wants to put it in his mouth, but if I keep at it the day will come where he's going to want to play on it. So I've been really trying to leave my phone in the other room when I'm around him. I really want Oliver to learn to entertain himself with toys and imaginary play as he grows up not with a phone or an iPad.

Stop using electronics after 9 pm

So after I get ready for bed, I lay down and play on my phone with the intention of only being on it for 10 minutes then I'm going to sleep. Before I know it 45 minutes has gone by and I'm still wide awake on my phone. Then I get mad at myself because my 9 pm bedtime has turned into 10 pm. So instead I've started to read when I get in bed. It really helps to wind me down after a long day, whereas I felt like my phone kept me wired. I put my phone on the charger and don't touch it till the morning!

Stop complaining

I'm SO guilty of this. I complain if it's too hot out, too cold out, too sunny, not sunny enough, my job, my day, you get point. It's such a bad habit and one I don't want Oliver to pick up. I'm trying to keep my negative thoughts to myself and instead always find the positives in life.

Stop being judgmental

This one makes me cringe because it's NOT OK to judge people but yet I find myself doing it. I want my child to never judge someone by their looks or what they've done because it does not define who they are.

Stop hitting snooze

I set my alarm intentionally 30 minutes earlier than I need to wake up so I can hit snooze! I have never been one those people who can jump out of bed the moment my alarm goes off. Problem is I'll end up hitting the snooze button in my sleep and before I know I'm late! I need to set my alarm for the actual time I need to get up, and get up!

That's it for now, I can assure you there's more! What are some habits you want to break?
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  1. Well I'm actually proud of myself because I just broke the habit of needddddding something sweet after dinner. I had these frozen junior mint type things from trader joes and I would have five of them after dinner every night. It was just plain dumb, so after Chicago I kicked it to the curb!

  2. Ugh I need to break every single one of those habits too!!! The phone is so bad and if I'm not on the phone then I'm on the computer! Undivided attention is so important and I truly have to get better about it!!

  3. I know I can be a little judgmental, but that is something I really need to kick too- when I think about the qualities I want Haddie to have when she grows up, that is most definitely NOT one of them. And love the idea of phones away after 9pm, I'm going to try and start implementing that!

  4. Yes! I am reminding myself of many of these habits to break as well!! I always have the intention to read before bed and then just end up mindlessly scrolling through Instagram and FB for way too long! And, the not complaining! I find myself needing to remind myself to stop complaining over the little things in life. I am healthy, I have a wonderful husband, a job (2 in fact!), and a roof over my head. There are so many people out there who would love to have what we take for granted on a daily basis! Love this post! It was a nice reminder to us all! :)

  5. My habit is my phone, too! I also feel like I'm always complaining because I don't want to appear complacent in my life. But, I recognize that makes it look like I'm not happy... so that's a huge one! xx, I'm Fixin' To


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