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Happy Friday! Sorry for the blog hiatus! Here's what's been going on lately:

Theo bought me a year membership to the aquarium for my birthday. My big gift is our trip to NYC in December but he figured the aquarium would be fun for all us. We took Oliver for the first time last weekend and had a good time. He enjoyed looking at all the fishies!

I've been trying to come up with different options for Oliver's dinner each night instead of the same old pouches and found these chicken bites in the freezer section at Target. 

He loved them so much that I'm going to attempt to make my own this weekend. I break them into small pieces and place them on his highchair tray so he can feed himself which he loves to do. 

I bought these Broccoli Littles at Harris Teeter and he couldn't get enough of them. They also make them with spinach as well. They're basically hash browns with broccoli so I'm sure I could make them myself very easily. I love the Dr. Praeger's line. The food was created by two heart surgeons and everything is GMO free and made with real ingredients. I eat their Kale and Quinoa Veggie Burgers everyday for lunch. 

For breakfast I started making oatmeal and add in a whipped banana and some cinnamon. You can whip the banana with either a hand mixer or blender and let me tell you, it is SO good. Bananas are so sweet and when you add it to oatmeal with cinnamon it tastes like banana bread. I've been eating this for breakfast a lot lately too! I make a big batch Sunday night and put equal portions in glass mason jars and Oliver eats the oatmeal at my mom's house every morning.

He loves to eat!

I am so not a fan of Instastories! I love Snapchat because I only follow a small amount of people and enjoy watching their stories. With Instastories I have to see 900 stories and I know I don't have to watch all their stories, and believe me I don't, but I have major FOMO and feel like I'm missing out if I don't! There's already so much social media to participate in already, so adding one more thing is just too much in my opinion. I mean you could easily make a full time job out of keeping up with social media! If you care to follow me on Snapchat my name is @aah72386

I'm kicking myself for not taking advantage of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale but I could not think about Fall/Winter clothes in July. I'm wishing I had though because I just love these booties!

We finished watching Stranger Things and now I'm so sad it's over! I am not a sci-fi person at all but I really enjoyed the show. Think we might start watching The Night Of, anyone watching it?

Facebook Mom Swap groups are so awesome. I've bought quite a good bit of stuff off of them for so cheap. My recent buy was this Radio Flyer Wagon for $15! It has some paint marks on it but otherwise it works just fine. I figure even if we only use it a few times, I've got my monies worth!

I've been loving masks for my skin lately and alternate between using the Pure Enzymes Mask and this Control Corrective Calming Sulfur Mask each night. They're both great for acne prone skin but the Pure Enzymes Mask works to increase cell turnover which helps to prevent wrinkles and aging. I really notice a difference after I use it. They're also both free of any toxins and harsh chemicals! I really want to try the Deep Sea Mud Mask, it has awesome reviews!

My Chatbook that I ordered came in the mail and I love it! I made an album of pictures from my pregnancy with Oliver. 

I loved being pregnant so much and knew I wanted a way to always remember it, and get rid of some pictures off my phone!, so this was perfect. 

Chatbooks has an app for your phone so you can easily upload pictures and add them to your book. The cover to my book took a little while to get right so the company ended up sending me a couple of copies till they got it perfect. I plan on doing one of these books for Oliver's 1st year of life as well! 

Have a great weekend!
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  1. That's such a great gift idea! I love the aquarium but can only justify going every few years because it's so expensive, but a membership would be a great idea. Loved Stranger Things and was definitely not expecting to because I'm not big into sci-fi either. We're watching The Night Of and really like it!

  2. I'd love to see those recipes if you get to try them out this weekend. My little girl is 13 months and will eat anything but I'm always trying to add as many veggies as I can!

  3. I'm going to *plan* to have one or two for Leo's birthday and keep them out so people can browse them too! Thought I'd be a cute little table decoration!

  4. i need to try those chicken bites for vi!! and im totally adding stranger things to my watch list. i hope you guys are doing well!! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. You guys NEED to watch the Night Of!! Its so good! I'm totally getting those recs for Rowan's mealtime, I'm so sick of making the same things!

  6. What section are those broccoli bites in? I found them at Aldi awhile ago for so cheap (of course they were a limited special buy) and heard other stores sold them. I can never find them though! My 2 year old refuses all veggies and she actually ate these!

    1. I found them near the frozen pastries, veggies burgers, and fish sticks area.


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