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by Ally- Life as I know it, 7:16 PM
I'm so happy Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is back on! As I was watching the first episode, when they showed Yolanda being so sick, I thought I bet her marriage won't last. And what do you know, I get online the next day and she and David are divorcing! It's so sad because they seemed so happy and really in love. I wonder if it has to do with her having Lyme Disease all these years. Who knows, it is his 4th marriage. On to the next younger model!

Speaking of shows, since I've been home on maternity leave I've been watching the new show FabLife everyday and I really like it. I've always been a big Chrissy Teigen fan and I think the concept of the show is something that no other show has done. Well, it looks like the show is about to be cancelled because Tyra Banks who is the host of the show and the producers are fighting. The ratings aren't very good either. Does anyone else watch it? I really like all the co hosts on it. They seem like they genuinely like each other so I'd hate to see it go away!

I'm obsessed with this holiday Boom Chicka Pop flavor. I picked it up at Costco last week and you know how big those bags are, well, it's almost empty. And that's all from me! 

I've totally gone where I didn't want to go and let my child sleep in his car seat for 2 hours once we got home. I know, I know, it isn't safe but when it's the only place he'll nap besides my chest I gotta let it ride as long as I can! I had my eyes on him the whole time and he looked so peaceful. I kept him strapped in so how is it any different than him riding in the car for 2 hours? I'm finding more and more that there are things I said I would never do as a mom that I'm doing now. 

Loved this article about Mama's Boys Aren't Cute at 35. If you're a fellow boy mom check it out.

We have our tree up and decorated, I've been listening to Christmas music since November 2, I have a Hallmark Christmas movie on just about everyday and I'm still not in the Christmas mood. I've always loved this time of year so much but having a baby right around the holidays makes it hard. I thought it would be a blast having a newborn through the holidays but instead I'm too busy focused on him to really enjoy the moment. I keep thinking how next year he'll be a 1 year old and it'll be so much fun but then I'm just rushing him to get older!

We're still having the biggest issue getting Oliver to take a bottle. He actually took one for a few days last week but then stopped and started pitching a fit again. Full on scream fest with a bright red face. It kills me and I don't understand his issue with the bottles!! We have a good bit of events to go to this month and my mom is going to be watching him so his only option is to eat from the bottle. Everyone keeps saying to stop breastfeeding for a whole day and offer him a bottle instead at every feeding and eventually he'll take it but I just cant do that. He's pretty stubborn. Breast milk isn't only his food it's his fluid too and I can't even think about him not having anything to drink all day. So we're just going to keep offering it every night and hope he outgrows all this. I've heard horror stories of breastfed babies never taking a bottle and just refusing to eat till they're back with mom. Which means he'll be eating all night long! 

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  1. First - car seat naps happen over here quite a bit too, so don't feel bad...and my ped recommended naps in the car seat when he was sick so they can't be that bad!!

  2. Forgot second! I feel you on the Christmas spirit even though I've got all the ingredients for it, it feels a little weird/forced....

  3. So we've been without cable for almost a year and the only thing I miss is sad but true! About car seat naps - that's where Emma Grace naps at least once a day and if she's still sleeping when we get home I just stick the car seat in her room! Ginny would only sleep in her car seat and is an amazing sleeper! As for the bottle, I would say talk with your pediatrician. I've never heard denying them for a whole day but would trust what your dr says to do (especially given that you'll be going back to work and he has to take the bottle). Christmas with a newborn is tough; I don't even remember Ginny's first Christmas! Don't push yourself to enjoy it but rather spend time with family and friends having fun as you can. There are many more Christmases to enjoy with your little family!

  4. Girl you gotta do what works for you...I agree I don't think anything is wrong with them napping in the car you said, how is it any different?

    Have you tried having Theo give him the bottle? Maybe if you're not there he'll think that's his only option?

  5. Beverly Hills are my favorite housewives - so happy they're back! I totally think that David just didn't want to put up with "a sick wife" which is so sad. I hope she gets better soon. And I really like Fab Life, too! Although I think Tyra kind of screwed it over by leaving so soon... she should have at least gotten it through a whole first year!

  6. I am so excited RHOBH is back on, but I'm so sad for Yolanda! All she's going through and I really think he probably just doesn't take those for "better or worse, in sickness or in health" vows so seriously being it's his fourth marriage. Eek, I know that sounds so judgey, but come on people you are on reality TV! I'm (obviously) not a mama to a boy or a girl, but I really liked that article you shared anyhow. I always read all that stuff for "one day"...

  7. That kettle corn is going to be devoured if it comes into my house! I hope this season of RHOBH is better than last season - I feel so bad for was a hard first episode to watch!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston


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