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My weekend started Thursday when I got home from work to a clean house! Our house needed to be deep cleaned bad so we decided to hire someone to come and clean the house while we were at work. With Oliver crawling all over the place now it's really made me notice the dirty areas more and I knew neither of us would ever get around to getting it really cleaned. My hope is now that everything is spic and span, it'll be easier to keep clean. We'll see!

I decided to start selling some of Oliver's clothes on Instagram, the account is @shopoliverscloset. I buy a lot of his clothes off of IG from other mom's and have been wanting to start selling his stuff as well. Not everything, don't worry I still have a ton saved for future baby #2. Just a few things so I can make some extra cash to help pay for new clothes! The clothes range from 3 months-18 months, priced at $15-$24 and the price includes shipping. Check it out if you're a boy momma! 

Saturday we headed up to Westbrook Brewery to have a few beers. Our time was cut short, they were about to close and Oliver was super fussy. He's cutting 4 teeth and going through a Wonder Week so sitting still while mommy and daddy drank a beer was not what he wanted to do. I did manage to snap this cute pic of Theo and Oliver though!

We came home and put the baby to bed and Theo cooked us some burgers on the grill with sweet potato fries.

Afterwards we watched The Wedding Ringer. It had some funny moments, definitely could have been better but still cute.

We had a delicious brunch at the Marina Variety Store on Sunday morning. I got the Chicken and Waffles and ate.it.all. 

I picked up this dog on wheels for Oliver at a consignment shop over the weekend. He doesn't get how it works yet but he enjoys flipping it on it's side and putting the string in his mouth, go figure. It looks like a vintage toy, even though it's from Target, and I like that it doesn't make any noise!

I found this dairy free chocolate milk at Target called Ripple and decided to give it a try. I first thought it was soy milk and almost didn't buy it but it's made from yellow peas. They're evidently high in protein and calcium. An 8 oz glass of milk has 7 grams of protein which is much higher than almond milk. I haven't tried the plain or vanilla flavor but the chocolate milk is delicious. It's reminds of a melted chocolate milkshake. 

My newest breakfast obsession is avocado toast. I've been eating avocado toast for years but have been making it way wrong. I tried Annie Reeves' recipe and now I'm hooked! I think I ate it every morning last week before work.

I have Oliver's birthday invitations made and ready to ship out! Can't believe we're almost at the one year mark!

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  1. I felt the same way about wedding ringer, not the best, but not the worst and coming home to a clean house is the best...I think it'll be a bit easier to keep clean at least for a few weeks LOL! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  2. OMG I can't believe he's about to be one! Adorable invite! PS love avocado toast!

  3. R has that wooden dog and pulls it around pretending to take it on a walk so I think Oliver will love it as he gets older! And that invite is the cutest!!

  4. Yesss to avocado toast! And I need to try that chocolate milk, I've seen it at Target!

  5. aww I cant believe Oliver is almost a year old!! time flies so fast!! those invitations are really cute! i just started thinking about Vi's second bday (bc im a crazy over planner and it makes me sad!) anyways vi has a toy with a string like that dog and she loves to "take the dog on walks" which is so sweet. i'm glad to see you guys are doing well! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. Our invitations have been delayed by UPS and it's driving me INSANE! And now you have me craving avocado toast!!!

  7. Such a nice weekend! I've been dying to try Marina Variety Store – I have to go soon!! So glad you're loving the avocado toast – it's addicting. XOX

  8. Love those invites! We did a first birthday brunch and it was perfect. I emailed Cait to figure out how much chicken to order :)

  9. Using a house cleaner for a deep clean is something I think we'll treat ourselves to every few months. It makes maintaining so much easier! That is a cute picture of Theo & Oliver and I love the invitations! xx, I'm Fixin' To


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