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by Ally- Life as I know it, 5:00 AM
So happy for the long weekend! We have a tropical storm coming right at us so all the schools are out today. A lot of stores are closed so it seems like it's a good day to lay around in our pjs all day and not leave the house! Hopefully we'll just get some gusty winds and rain, nothing too damaging. Good news is, Saturday and Sunday look like great weather!


Oliver has become obsessed with dogs. My parent's have an older dog named Travis that lets him pull his fur and roll all over him and Oliver just adores him. It's too sweet. 

Problem is he thinks he can do it to every dog. Last weekend we were at a party and he started to lay on their dog and pull the fur on his face and the dog was fine with it, he was just so dirty and gross! And don't get me started on Pixie's blanket. These two could play tug of war all day long. I'm glad they're getting along, Pixie was not a fan of Oliver for a long time, but he also likes to stick her nasty blanket in his mouth and lays all over it. I guess I'm a bad mom because I let him do it. Gotta build up that immune system!


I finally finished Falling by Jane Green and it was just ok. I'm proud of myself for finishing it but it wasn't easy. I kept waiting for a climax and if there was one, I sure didn't notice it. The ending came out of nowhere and was so depressing. I used to read Jane Green books in high school and they were always great but this book felt like she threw it together. So she could have a new book out for summer. I just started reading The Perfect Neighbors and hopefully it'll have a better story line! I'll report back!


We just ended our free trial of Blue Apron last night. I really enjoyed all the meals and loved how fresh everything was. The salmon was wild caught and the chicken was free of hormones and antibiotics. I really liked that about it.

What I didn't like was how time consuming it was to actually make the meals. You're making restaurant quality meals so it takes a good 45 minutes - 1 hour to chop everything up and prepare the meal. I don't think it's something we'll do every week but I think here and there for a change is nice. And actually I forgot to cancel my subscription in time so we have another week of meals coming on Saturday, whoops! 


So many good sales going on for Labor Day weekend! A few of my favorites:

Madewell has 30% off all sale items. I love this plaid tunic dress with booties for the fall. An easy pullover sweater like this one, are my favorite to wear with skinny jeans.

J. Crew Factory has 50% off everything. You can't go wrong with a simple blouse that can be dressed up or down. It comes in black and white and a really gorgeous shade of blue. It's machine washable which is a necessity with a baby these days! I may be sounding like an old lady but I really do like turtlenecks and am so glad they're in style again! I think they're so classy and really flattering. The sleeveless style is perfect for the Charleston fall, you know still 80 degrees and humid.

Loft is offering buy one get one 50% off. Absolutely love this bell sleeve blouse. I'd really like to venture out of my comfort zone and try some different colored leggings instead of boring old black. These five pocket leggings look more like jeans than leggings which I prefer. The army green and plum color are great for fall. 


And for my sweet boy who has more than enough clothes, but yet I can't stop buying stuff!, Janie and Jack has 20% off all sale items. This Embroidered Lion one piece melts my heart but of course they're all sold out of his size! If you have a newborn or are expecting soon snatch it up, only 0-3 month is left! Oliver has the Indigo Piped Shortall that we wears all the time. I love J&J clothes, they're made so well and are just darling. 

Another of my favorite stores for Oliver is Feltman Brothers. Talk about timeless and classic. They have 15% off of their outlet clothes and free shipping. Oliver wore the Train Creeper this past weekend. 

Have a great weekend and stay safe and dry if you're getting hit by Hermine!
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  1. Good to know about the time related to the Blue Apron meals!

    Molly Anne eats food that Mills licks. I've learned that I'll never be able to stop it so oh well. She's lived so far ha!

  2. I can't wait until Brady and Haddie start to interact - he's not much of a fan right now, mostly because she has stolen all of his attention he was used to getting haha. I just love all of Oliver's outfits!

  3. Oliver is so cute!! I loved J&J for Rowan, I'm so sad he grew out of all of their one-pieces. And I totally agree about the meal prep... if someone makes a company that offers to send me everything chopped and ready to go I'm totally in!

  4. I agree Blue Apron was more time consuming. We've tried both Blue Apron and Hello Fresh and we like Hello Fresh better. I thought the flavor was better and it took less time. It's a nice treat to not have to go to the grocery store and not have to figure out what to cook!


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