oliver at 11 months

by Ally- Life as I know it, 5:00 AM

And just like that I have an 11 month old. Oliver is one very active little boy and loves getting into everything. If it's dangerous, he's there. He plays hard but also sleeps hard so I can't complain! :) He's crawling everywhere, can stand without assistance for a few seconds, walks with the VTech Walker, gives high fives, claps, throws balls, and enjoys throwing his sippy cup and food on the ground. 

He can still wear a few 9 month things, mostly in 6-12 month, and starting to wear his 12 month clothes. He's wearing 12 month pajamas and size 4 diapers.

He gets 3 bottles with 8 oz of formula in each. I've started putting 2-4 oz of formula in a sippy cup when he eats solids so when we drop the bottles at 1 year he isn't clueless about drinking milk out of it. He doesn't usually drink much so unfortunately a good bit of formula goes to waste. He eats breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack of solids. I still give him pureed food but he's starting to lose interest and only wants finger foods. So coming up with food ideas is getting a bit more challenging now!

He wakes up anytime between 6:30-7am and gets an 8 oz bottle at 7 am. Then breakfast at 8 am. His first nap is 2.5 hours from when he woke up. 8 oz bottle at 11 am then lunch at 12 pm. Second nap is 3.5 hours after he woke from his first nap. He gets a snack at 3 pm. Dinner at 5:30 pm, 8 oz bottle at 6:30 pm, then bed at 7 pm.

Oliver sleeps 11-12 hours at night and takes 2 naps a day. The naps are usually 1-1.5 hours, occasionally he'll sleep 2 hours.

Balls, he likes these sensory balls. He loves to put Pixie's disgusting blanket in his mouth and roll around with it. He enjoys going to stores and watching all the people and lights. He laughs whenever Theo walks in the room. He's starting to actually sit still and listen when I read him books. We transitioned to the big boy car seat this month, Maxi Cosi Pria 70, and he loves it. I thought he was fine in his infant seat but he's so much more content now in his new seat and never whines or cries. Just stares out the window in peace, it's wonderful!

Getting his diaper changed, getting his face wiped after he eats, when mommy and daddy leave the room and he's left with people he doesn't know. I come back and he's bawling, it's so sad!

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  1. Can't believe he's already 11 months! It just keeps getting more fun! He's precious!

  2. We did water in the sippy cups at meals.. Maybe try that to save on wasted formula?? I took the bottle away right at a year too cold turkey. She was made maybe 2-3 days and then it was fine! The worst part was mornings when she was used to a bottle. She also didn't drink a lot out of her sippy at first, but now she drinks all day long at 2. I only allow milk at meals (milk sitting out getting warm just grosses me out! Ha) and then she carries water the rest of the day. I'd say by the end of the day she maybe has one full sippy of milk after the 3 meals. And yet I hear some parents who fly through milk. We use about half a gallon a week! Ha

  3. He's growing so fast!! We are doing water at the sippy cup at meals because mixing formula for sippy cups was annoying to me and the doctor said water was fine. I need to start working on getting rid of the bottles- I know it's going to be a battle. Both of my boys hate getting their diaper changed and face wiped after eating. Breaks my heart he bawls when you guys leave the room. Time is flying!

  4. he is adorable! i cant believe he is almost a year old too!! time flies :)


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