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Friday my mom and I took a trip to Kiawah Island to visit some friends and their new baby girl. The baby is almost 4 months old and seeing Oliver with such a small baby really made me realize how big he's gotten. And how I miss those days when he would sleep anywhere, with tons of noise going on! 

My mom saved tons of old baby clothes from when my brother and I were little and I really enjoy dressing Oliver in them. I may have a small obsession with baby vintage clothes! I put him in this outfit this on Saturday. It's 27 years old, how cool is that?

Saturday my friend Cait and I ate at Lola in Park Circle. It's New Orleans cuisine, so creole and cajun everything. It's not too much to look at but the food was delicious. And the dessert was even better, the Bread Pudding was to die for!

Oliver went to the church nursery for the first time on Sunday and wasn't a big fan! They said he was fine for about 10 minutes until he looked around and realized mommy and daddy were gone. So when I went to get him he was red faced and covered in tears and snot, poor little thing! We'll keep trying!

Ended the weekend at my parents' house with burgers on the grill. And a little organic, grass fed burger for Oliver. :) I swear my kid eats much better quality food than I do!

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  1. His tractor bubble!! That is the cutest thing ever!!

  2. Awww Oliver is so cute in his vintage outfits!!

  3. We have to try Lola, Brian loves bread pudding! Love Oliver's little vintage outfit!!

  4. Ah that bread pudding was amazing!! I love all of Oliver's clothes and that dress you have on! And don't worry, he will get better in the nursery!


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