oliver at 12 months

by Ally- Life as I know it, 5:00 AM

Here we are, at the one year mark! I'm still in total denial I have a one year old. I look at pictures on my phone of him when he was a newborn and can't believe it was so long ago. He's such a joy and a happy little guy, he makes everyday so much fun. He's still crawling everywhere, pulls up on everything, likes to walk with the Vtech walker, but is too scared to try some steps on his own. I think he could do it, he just needs to get over his fear. We finally put a baby gate up on the stairs and it's wonderful. We went with the retractable type and it's great because we can leave it up when Oliver's awake, but close it when he's sleeping or not home so Pixie can go upstairs and lay on the steps. It's a little more money than the normal ones, but worth it in my opinion. He's been babbling up a storm lately and has learned to shake his head no! Although I'm not sure he knows what it means!

He wears pretty much only 12 month now. There's a few 6-12 month he can squeeze in still. He wears size 4 diapers.

We started transitioning to whole milk this month and first he got 2 oz whole milk/6 oz formula in each bottle. Then a week later 4 oz whole milk/4 oz formula. Now we're at 2 oz formula/6 oz whole milk and will continue that until we run out of formula. He's still getting 3 bottles a day. For solid food he gets breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and a snack. I also give him a few ounces of water in a sippy cup with this meal. We go to the pediatrician on Friday so I want to hear how she recommends weaning off the bottle. Any suggestions?

He wakes up around 7 am, gets a bottle, then breakfast around 8 am. First nap around 9-9:30 and sleeps 1-1.5 hours. Bottle at 11 am, lunch at 12 pm. Second nap starts anytime between 1-2 pm and lasts 1-1.5 hours. He gets a snack at 3 pm. Dinner at 5:30, bath at 6:15, bottle at 6:30 and in bed by 6:45 so he's asleep at 7!

He has good nap days and bad nap days. They've been pretty consistent for awhile now though with a 45 min nap thrown in here and there. I'm a big believer in the Wonder Weeks and he's currently going through one so his naps are either awesome, lasting 1.5 hours each, or crappy, lasting only 45 minutes. But although he may have bad nap days, he always sleeps awesome at night, 11-12 hours. So you win some you lose some!

He doesn't love anything for long but he does enjoy playing with these cars, he loves all dogs, the books My Pumpkin and Where's My Nose?, walking with the Vtech walker, and crawling and exploring everything.

Strangers, when we leave him in a room with people he doesn't know he cries instantly. He hates having his face wiped after he's done eating. 

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  1. He is so big and handsome! Sleeps 11-12 hours! Hahahahah tell me all your secrets.

  2. He is so cute!! And such a good mix of the both of you!! So glad to hear the milk transition is going well.. can't wait for the pumpkin patch and party!!

  3. Stop it, how is he one?!! He's so so cute! Miller walked right after his first birthday but Matthew didn't really walk until almost 13 months independently, he loved his push walker forever. I went cold turkey on bottles for both my kids. Miller at 14 months because I was about to have Matthew and didn't want two with bottles but I didn't take them from Matthew until 18 months but that has more to do with my struggle with Miller's weight gain after losing the bottles so I didn't want it to happen with Matthew. Matthew loved milk in the bottle but doesn't drink that much out of a sippy cup, he eats a ton of greek yogurt though so I don't worry about it. It's different for all kids and you'll know when it's right.

  4. Happy one year little handsome! Lawter was super cautious and cruised on furniture/push toys/holding the tiniest tip of your finger until a few days after 14 months when she knew she was ready to roll and just stood up and started walking, no falling down or totting really, was just finally confident about it! We ditched bottles the day Lawter turned one. (ok, maybe the day after) She was good with a sippy cup for water and whole milk by 12 months so we just ditched it and never looked back. Now if only I could make myself cut off the pacifier for her as easily... ugh.

  5. I agree with cold turkey on bottle! I tried to lower the oz per bottle the first day or two (we did it right at a year too) and she was pissed! Ha so I just took it completely away. It took about a day or two for her to stop throwing a fit and chunking her sippy cup, but she eventually got thirsty and caved! :) it wasn't near as bad as I thought! I was so nervous to stop and she actually did fine!

  6. Happiest of birthdays to your little one!! Time is cruel...love watching them grow but wish they'd stay small just a little longer! :)

  7. Do you have a sippy cup you recommend? mine is only 9 months but I'm trying to plan ahead since he turns one around Christmas haha


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