Second Baby Favorites

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Going into motherhood second time around, I knew I wanted to keep the baby gear to a minimum. Once you have a baby you quickly learn what is used often and what sits in the corner collecting dust, I'm looking at you swing! Whenever I would get asked what I needed for the baby I would say diapers and wipes. That's really all you need for the first few weeks, especially if you're nursing. Obviously we had a lot of stuff from when Oliver was a baby too, but I also knew we just didn't need much. Here's a list of my favorite items for baby #2!

The Essentials
My top two items for a newborn baby are a swaddle (we loved The Miracle Blanket) and a white noise machine. Both my babies would fight being swaddled but as soon as they were wrapped up and snug in that swaddle, they were calm and sleepy. The sound of the white noise takes babies back to the womb where it was safe and very loud. Oliver still sleeps with white noise in his room at 3 years old!

So, full disclosure, I borrowed this from my friend. I can't guarantee I would have bought it if she hadn't let me use it because it is pricey. I probably would have let Elsie sleep in the Rock 'n Play like Oliver did and she would have been fine. But, since I had it to use, I figured I would see what the hype is all about. She sleeps amazing in it and always has. It also makes traveling with your baby really easy since they're sleeping in a familiar place.

Man do I wish I had this when Oliver was a baby! There were a few rough weeks in the beginning where Elsie would cry all the time and the only way to get her to stop was to turn on the Baby Shusher. You can buy the actual device but I just used the $5 app. It was always a great conversation starter if we were out and about. Everyone was always interested in why my baby was snoring! That's really what it sounds like, a man saying "shhhh" over and over.

This is great to clip on the car seat and turn on if you need your baby to nap on the go. It gets loud and rumbly and they can't hear anything past the noise. I cover Elsie's car seat up with a blanket or a Covered Goods Nursing Cover and she's out!

This class is worth its weight in gold! I tell all first time moms about this class. It covers everything you need to know to get your baby sleeping which is the most important thing when you have a new baby! I debated buying the class and wondered if it would tell me anything I didn't already know. It ended up being a great newborn refresher course and I learned some new stuff as well. Cara, the instructor, has made such an easy, informative class that I think anyone with a new baby would benefit from. Elsie was sleeping 12 hours at night by 16 weeks old and I contribute it to this class. Oliver didn't sleep 12 hours till he turned 6 months!

She also has a 3-4 Month eBook that we I bought too. It helps you get through the dreaded 4 month sleep regression. I definitely think it's a good one to buy as well!

My nursing experience with Elsie has been a breeze and I contribute it a lot to this pillow. It just makes breastfeeding much more comfortable for both mom and baby. Now that she's older I just use a Boppy pillow but for the first 3-4 months I used this every single time I nursed.

If you pump multiple times a day this bag will make your life so much easier. The bag is designed for you to keep your used pump parts in between pumps and then store it in the fridge. A lot of girls don't know this, but you don't actually have to wash your pump parts after each use, as long as you keep them refrigerated. It's a cute bag too, that looks like a lunch bag so no one will know it has your used parts in it. It has a wet side to store the used pump parts and a dry side to store unused bottles, tops, pump parts, etc.

In the beginning when my milk was coming in, I had such an oversupply that I would leak every time Elsie nursed from the other side. So instead of letting all that liquid gold go to waste, I would pop one of these on the opposite side and collect the milk that would otherwise go into a pad. It allowed me to freeze a good bit of milk without having to pump. I prefer this over the suction device like the Haaka. It always seemed to get in the way and I would constantly worry she would kick it off so I personally liked these better!

My sweet co-workers gifted me this stroller and boy does it get used! I love how easy it is to open and close and pack in the car quickly. We can easily stick Elsie's car seat in and go and Oliver loves the standing board. He's so good about riding on it and he hops on as soon as I pull it out of the car. I think he likes feeling like the big boy standing up.  The stroller also comes with two seats if you'd prefer both kids to sit. We still have the Britax single stroller but a lot of times I'll just keep this in the car and use it even if I just have her.

Fresh 48

Getting professional pictures made when Elsie was just 12 hours old was just so special. I was so tired and delirious from labor and being awake all night that the last thing I want to do was get pictures made. Seeing the look on Oliver's face when he first met his baby sister was so magical and I'm so thankful I have it documented. I actually enjoy looking back at the pictures and seeing the exhaustion and puffiness on my face because I'll never get that sweet moment back. It's one of those times I wish I could relive over and over again. My good friend Caitlyn Motycka took our pictures and they just turned out so beautiful. If you're local to Charleston as well I highly recommend her for Maternity, Fresh 48, Newborn, and Family Pictures. Now if I would just get some pictures printed and framed! 

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