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by Ally- Life as I know it, 9:00 AM
Hello Friends! Happy Friday and extra long weekend!

1. I sent Oliver to school today with some macaroni and cheese for his class party and Reindeer Food for his classmates. We always had Reindeer Food growing up and it's super easy to make: oats, red and green sprinkles, and sugar. I thought it would be a cute gift for 3 year olds!

2. I hit the jackpot of all sales this week. Pixie Lily, one of my most favorite children's brands and made locally here in Charleston, had a Sample Sale last weekend but I unfortunately couldn't make since it was the same day as my cousin's wedding. Luckily they posted some clothes for sale on Instagram for those of us who couldn't make it to the sale. I snagged a 6 piece set of dresses and bubbles for Elsie! I ended up getting each piece for around $22 and they normally run 3-4 times that price. It seriously felt like Christmas morning when I got that package. Buying clothes for my children is my favorite hobby and finding deals is right up there!

3. We visited the Park Circle Christmas Lights last Sunday night in North Charleston. A bunch of companies and people decorate trees around the circle and there's a big Christmas light tree. We always love going to Park Circle, it's the cutest little area and has some great restaurants. 

After seeing the lights, we went to Madra Rua for dinner. The kids were angels and we were able to enjoy a beer and some fish and chips. 

4. Theo and I started watching Dirty John on Bravo. I never did listen to the Podcast and wasn't even going to watch the show, but my mom of all people said she and my stepdad have been watching it and enjoying it. You can tell it's low budget and it's pretty of predictable. I have no clue how they got so many good actors to star in it: Connie Britton, Eric Bana, and the neighbor mom from The Brady Bunch Movie (I don't know her name!) The story is pretty crazy and the whole time I'm watching it I keep reminding myself it's all true, this man really existed!

5.  I picked up this face oil on a whim at Target because I ran out of what I was using and I like the Shea Moisture brand. Their products are free from anything harmful and always well priced. I was blown away with how soft my skin felt after just one night of using the oil! The soap I use to wash my face can leave my face dry, so at night I like to moisture really well. Ever since I started using face oils, my oily skin was gone away. It's totally balanced my skin out. It's funny how that works, oils getting rid of oily skin. Check this out if you're looking for a hydrating face oil! I actually found it here for only $6.47!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I need that oil! I am listening to the podcast right now.


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