Baby's First Christmas/Birthday Ideas

by Ally- Life as I know it, 5:00 AM

I realize Christmas is a week away so I don't know if any of these would even arrive in time so I named this post First Birthday too so it would cover all year!

First year baby gifts are so special and you can get away with buying nice things they'll have forever. Unlike actual toys they only like for a few days once they get older. I thought I would put together a list of items I think make great gifts for Baby's First Christmas and/or Birthday since this is Elsie's first Christmas!

Silver Cross Ornament with Birth date and Name Engraved (Similar)

My mom gave this ornament to Oliver for his first Christmas and I have sneaky suspicion Elsie will be getting one this year, too! It's one of those very special ornaments that I love hanging on the tree every year. If you're local to Charleston, my mom got this exact one from my aunt and uncle's jewelry store, Hanchey Jewelers.

I talked about this bracelet already in my last post but I just love it and think it makes a perfect gift for a baby girl. Instead of putting a Christening date like Elsie's, you could put baby's birthday. It also comes with a free keepsake box that you can engrave. It's perfect to hold baby's jewelry in.

Oliver has loved this since he received it for his first birthday. Even now at 3 years old, we take him on daily walks in it. Why oh why did this boy have to grow up?!

Oliver received this for his first birthday and still pushes it around the house often. Just a bit faster now! Once they're done playing with it, which seems like that will never happen, it's perfect to store toys.

Elsie is getting Violet for Christmas this year and Oliver has Scout from years ago. They're really neat stuffed animals because you can program them to say your baby's name. They also sing songs, hiccup, and count. Oliver LOVED his Scout his first few years and even now likes to pull him out every now and then. They love hearing their names out loud.

These blankets are the softest, warmest, and have the perfect amount of weight so they don't fall off the stroller easily. Both of my kids have one with their first and middle names on embroidered on it. They wash well too and feel just as soft as the day you bought it even after multiple washes.

Elsie is getting this doll for her first Christmas and I think she's just the cutest! I grew up with American Girl dolls and luckily my mom saved them for my little girl. I can't wait to give her those dolls when she's older but I think this Corolle doll is perfect for a first baby doll. She has a soft body and such a cute face.

Chances are if you see a picture of Oliver, his Foo Foo is in his hands. Foo Foo, a blue Bye Bye Buddy, is a his best friend. We bought Elsie a pink bunny and named her Fee Fee for her to love too. These loveys make the best gifts and you can personalize with them too like we did with Elsie's here. I'm a sucker for anything personalized!

What do you love to give for Baby's First Birthday/Christmas?
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  1. Drew just got that push car for her birthday. I always wanted one for Leo, so went for it with Drew and it’s already a big hit!


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