Elsie's Birth Story

by Ally- Life as I know it, 10:26 AM

Before I can talk about her birth, I have to mention why I had her at 37 weeks.

On Friday June 1 can I went to my mom's house to drop Oliver off so I could go to my 36/37 week appointment. My mom and I started talking and she casually asked how my blood pressure had been. I have Polycystic Kidney Disease so when I'm pregnant I'm watched very closely- NST's weekly starting at 32 weeks and ultrasounds often to make sure the baby is growing well. Up until that point my BP had been fine. I decided to check it at her house because I had time to kill and I knew it would be fine. So I was incredibly shocked when the reading was 156/95! I instantly started crying and just knew I was going to have the baby that day, and I was NOT ready! That's a very dangerous BP even if you aren't pregnant and my doctor is super cautious. I headed to my appointment and had an NST, which was fine, and they checked my BP- 145/99. My doctor was shocked that it had gone up so much since last week. She thought I was fine though since I had zero protein in my urine and no swelling at all but that she wanted me to go to L&D to get checked out. She said she knew I would probably be sent home and that she wanted to see me Monday and have an ultrasound as well.

I went to L&D for a few hours and had all the labs drawn to make sure I wasn't getting preeclamptic. My BP went down to normal and all my labs came back fine- whew! So I went home but all weekend long I just had a feeling it was my last weekend pregnant. I checked my blood pressure periodically and it was hanging around 140/90. I made sure I had all my bags ready for Monday in case I was going to be induced.

Monday comes and I worked and then went to my appointment in the afternoon. They check my BP and it was good. I had an ultrasound and an NST that went well too. I went ahead and texted work and Theo and told them that everything was looking good and that I would be at work tomorrow. I finally saw my Dr. and she said everything looks good as she skimmed the ultrasound report. She got to the bottom of it and said "Wait, no. Your fluid level is a 4. Normal is 8-12. You're having this baby today! " I was so shocked! She checked me and said I was only 1cm dilated and 60% effaced. She said they would probably start me on Cervadil but because it was my second baby, it would go fast. I called Theo and told him I'm having the baby today and to head to the hospital. He thought I was joking at first! It was such a surreal moment and scary because I didn't want anything to happen in the time till I got to the hospital. I ran home and grabbed my bags and ate a quick bite because I knew once I got there I would be NPO.

We got to the hospital around 4pm and got checked in. The Dr on call checked me and said "Girl you're 2cm and 80% effaced. Let's get some Pitocin started and break your water and the baby will be out before morning." I have no idea how I went from 1cm to 2cm like that but I was happy about it! So Pitocin got started at 630pm. I started having some strong, consistent contractions pretty quick so she broke my water 10 minutes later. My epidural was placed at 930pm. I was 6cm by 230am and ready to push an hour later. It was a much more painful labor than it was with Oliver. I felt everything unlike with his labor where I felt nothing. After about 30min of pushing, Elsie was born on June 5, 407am! She was tiny, only 5lbs 15oz and 19.5 inches long.

For being born early, she's had zero issues. She latched great from the beginning, no jaundice, 9/10 Apgars. I was so worried about her being born early but she was a champ! She's been the most perfect addition to our family. She's so sweet and just an angel. It was a blessing my blood pressure spiked or else my doctor would not have ordered the ultrasound and we wouldn't had known my fluid was so low. I think someone was really watching over us and making sure Elsie was ok. I get teary eyed thinking about it. My doctor said before I left her office that day, that this is when cord accidents happen. I'm so thankful she was fine and we got to love on our girl a few weeks early!

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