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Here's what we've been up to so far this month!

Oliver's pj's (On sale for $12)/ Elsie's pj's  (on sale for $10)

Oliver and Elsie wearing matching Christmas pj's! Theo and I actually having the same ones in adult size from last year that I'm sure we'll wear Christmas Eve/morning. Is there anything cuter than your kids wearing matching pajamas?!

First Christmas party of the season!

Bracelet stacking with my girl. Elsie is wearing the bangle I wore as a baby and a pearl bracelet she received from her God Parents for her Christening. It has a heart charm on it with her name and the date of her Baptism. It brought tears to my eyes when I opened it. It's one of my most favorite gifts she's ever gotten.

Our living room all decorated for Christmas. We decided to use real garland this year for a change and I think I like it better than the fake kind. If we go with the real stuff again next year, I definitely want to flip the right side around so it lays more flat, but for now it'll do! I got our stockings from Pottery Barn and I had no idea they were going to be so big! They're the Large size but I seriously think they accidentally sent us the Extra Large! They may not look it on here but they're huge and much bigger than I expected them to be. They've grown on me and I think they look great. I'm just not going to have enough stuff to fill them come Christmas morning!

We took Elsie to see the James Island County Park Christmas Lights for the first time. I grew up going to them but Theo and I have also gone every year since we started dating, 13 years ago! So it's really special to take our kids now and talk about how much has changed. Did you know there was an ice skating rink there one year? And to think they only had one parking lot and now they have like 3 or 4!

Oliver had a S'more for the first time and of course loved it! You forget how good they are until you have one again!

This little bear was up way past her bedtime but didn't seem to mind it at all! I swear she's the easiest baby and rarely ever cries.

Started Elsie on some solid food this month. I tried last month when she was 5 months old because I had a sweet potato lying around and thought why not just see what she thinks. Well, she just wasn't interested. So we waited till she turned 6 months and now she loves food. It's amazing what a difference a few weeks can make. So far she's had avocado, sweet potato and carrots. I've been making her own baby food just like I did Oliver because it's SO much cheaper, and you know exactly what they're eating. With Oliver I had a baby food maker called the Baby Brezza but it did not last these past 3 years. So now I'm steaming the food in a pot and mixing it up with my hand blender. It's so easy and takes no time. The trick is to buy frozen vegetables/fruit since they're already chopped. I then freeze the food in this 1 ounce freeze tray and you're done.

Oliver sat on Santa's lap and did not cry, that's a first. Last year he wouldn't even sit on his lap! He's telling him he wants a red ball because that's seriously what he says he wants when you ask him. I don't think he quite understands Christmas yet or maybe he'll always be a simple kid to buy for! 

My cousin got married this past weekend. Actually it was our wedding day too, 6 years ago! I can not believe it's been 6 years. Time sure does fly. 

Oliver was the ring bearer and he looked SO cute. He thought he was going to be a "bear" so all week long he talked about how he was going to carry the ring with his paws. Theo ended up having to carry him down the aisle, you can't really expect too much with a 3 year old!

Love these boys so much. Elsie stayed home with a sitter because we figured it would be more enjoyable without having to play pass the baby all night. 

My shoes matched my dress which was pretty neat. Did not plan that either!

Got everybody's beds all ready for Christmas. The sheets are so soft and warm for the winter. I'll leave these sheets on all winter too, not just for Christmas.

All caught up! Next weekend is two more Christmas parties and we're going to dinner for our anniversary! This is a busy time of year!

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