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by Ally- Life as I know it, 9:44 PM

I thought I would share what everyone in our family is either asking for or getting for Christmas. I don't know about you, but I am always asking friends what they're buying for their kids or husbands because they can be hard to buy for! I literally just told Theo yesterday I don't need a thing and I just want a new vacuum. If that isn't adulting, I don't know what is! Haha

Every single time I ask Oliver what he wants, he says a red ball. I mean melt-your-heart cute, right? So I definitely think we can manage that! To go along with his ball, I'm getting him a T-ball set so he can get lots of practice before he plays in the spring. My mom decided she wants to get him an outdoor playset so I'm sure we'll be going in on that with her. He's getting some new shoes, these Chus. They remind me of Keds, that I think are so precious on little boys, but they're velcro. Looking into a bike too. Can't decide between a Balance Bike or a bike with training wheels. Any advice is welcome! Our neighbors' kids have one of these and and whenever Oliver sees it out he always asks what it is and is very interested in it. I think he'll have a lot of fun with it, Theo too. Evidently adults can even ride it!

This sweet little girl is just getting some clothes for Christmas, my favorite thing to buy for her! She has all of her brother's old toys, the beauty of hand me downs. I thought about getting her a baby doll, but decided to wait till her 1st birthday when she can actually play with it. I LOVE Beaufort Bonnet Company's night nights and got Elsie these and these in the next size up to hopefully get lots of wear. She's also getting a soft and cozy sleepsack. She's been sleeping in her brother's baby sleepsacks but they're old and worn so she's finally getting one of her own. Although we own what feels like a million books, Oliver knows them all and is very protective over them so I'm going to get her a few of her own. Love these: Madeline's Christmas, Giraffes Can't Dance, If Animals Kissed Goodnight

Theo's pretty easy to buy for because he knows what he wants, and it usually involves golf. He said he wanted a private putting lesson and a hard golf bag for a trip he's taking in April. Done and done. I'm also throwing in a Dopp Kit because poor guy has been using a "free a gift with purchase" Dior bag of mine for years. I think it's fine time for him to own a nice toiletry bag! The one I got him is really nice quality and looks so sharp with his initials monogrammed on it. (In case you're curious, I told him specifically not to read this post. He usually listens, so we'll see.)

I try to keep the gifts I receive practical because I buy plenty of stuff for myself throughout the year. Last year I got a blender, and it has been used every single day since I got it. This year, I don't need a thing truly. We had a Dyson that we bought right after we got married but the battery stopped working a few years later. So we need a new one regardless. I've been eyeing this one, but I'll be curious what Santa brings me. This set of Cuyana Travel bags has been on my wish list for years. Theo got me the the tote bag for our 1 year anniversary, so it's 5 years old, and it's held up so well. I also own their canvas beach tote and love it for the summer. It looks like they no longer sell it. I hope they bring it back it's a great bag! Their products are made so well and I just love their philosophy of "Buy fewer, but better". They're definitely bags you have for years and years. One thing I know I'm getting for Christmas is a Barbour jacket. I've worn the same pea coat since high school and just bought a new one from J.Crew last year. I definitely get lots of wear out of my coats. I needed a lighter jacket that I can wear in the fall/spring that isn't as heavy as a pea coat. I felt like the Quilted Barbour would be perfect for that and great for our finicky weather here in Charleston!

What's on your Christmas list?
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  1. I love my Barbour jackets for here! I have a quilted one and the waxed one and both are in the rotation! I have nothing on my list this year!


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