The Last Cleaner You'll Ever Buy

by Ally- Life as I know it, 10:15 AM

Today I'm going to tell you all about my favorite cleaner, Force of Nature, and it's also the last cleaner you'll ever buy because it does it all. Not only is it multipurpose, it's non-toxic, but just as effective as bleach, and it's only made with three ingredients; salt, vinegar, and water. It kills 99.9% of germs that cause Staph, MRSA, Norovirus, Influenza A, Salmonella, and Listeria. (Lab Test Results) I came across it on Instagram, which is how we find out about everything now right?, and was immediately intrigued with all the uses of it. I am not a neat freak, just ask my husband. I wish I was. I'll go through times where I'll get a wild hair and will go on a cleaning spree, but most days I'm doing good just tidying up the house. So to find a cleaner that I can literally walk around the house and clean EVERYTHING with it, I was sold. I'll tell you what really, really sold me was that I can use it on kids toys and it's not harmful. Elsie puts everything in her mouth and being so little I want to keep her toys clean so she doesn't get sick. Also, having a toddler at home means lots of germs are being brought in the house. At the end of each day I'll give all of her toys and play mat, anything that she played with that day, a good spray and let it air-dry. So they're clean for the next morning.

Here's some info on how Force of Nature works taken from their website:

"Force of Nature is a patent-pending appliance that uses electricity to change the chemical composition of salt, water and vinegar into a powerful cleaner & disinfectant from the industrial space called electrolyzed water. Electrolyzed water has no harmful ingredients, residues or fumes and contains just 2 gentle, yet potent ingredients:
• Hypochlorous acid – a disinfectant that’s as effective as bleach. Hypochlorous acid is the same substance your white blood cells produce to fight infection, and it’s commonly the active ingredient in wound, eye and veterinary care products because it’s so gentle and effective. It’s a type of chlorine. Most people don’t know that there are different types of chlorine; hypochlorous acid is very different from sodium hypochlorite (bleach) because it’s so gentle. Hypochlorous acid is gentle enough to spray on the surfaces children come into contact with.
• Sodium hydroxide – a detergent & grease-cutter without suds. Contains just 0.0000003% yet cleans as well as major brands that have up to 5%."

I bought the Starter Kit which includes the Activator Base, an Activator Bottle, 5 Activator Capsules, and a Spray Bottle. It's super easy to use. All you have to add is water and one Activator Capsule to the Activator Bottle, place it on the Base, hit the button and wait till it's done. Then transfer your solution to the spray bottle and you're done! Each solution you make lasts for 2 weeks because the hypochlorous acid starts to dissipate over time and become not as effective. I find that I use it to SO much to clean everything that sometimes I have to make a new bottle of solution before the 2 weeks are up. Or if I find it's getting close to the 2 week shelf life, I'll walk around the house and find things that need to be cleaned. Let's just say our house has never been more disinfected, ever! I typically use a paper towel when I clean but you could also use a sponge, brush, or a regular towel. 

You can use Force of Nature on absolutely anything: rugs, windows, toys, sink, toilets, the list goes on and on. It does not have whiteners so it won't remove stains like rust of hard water but good for everything else! I like to reference this blog post they wrote about 20 Unexpected Uses for Force of Nature. I especially like the one about cleaning toothbrushes. I can't think of the last time I've actually cleaned mine aside from rinsing it off after using it! They also have an awesome FAQ page that addresses every concern or question you have. 

The Starter Kit is normally $89.99 but you can get it for 40% off code FRIENDLY40 and free shipping! Such a great deal for an all purpose cleaner that's clean to use around kids and also kills germs and disinfects! After you buy it you only have to buy Activator Capsule refills every few months and they are not expensive at all. I think it ends up being only 7 cents an ounce where other cleaners cost you anywhere from 20-39 cents/ounce

Disclosure: I am not sponsored with them, they have no clue who I am. Since I have bought from them before, if you purchase a Starter Kit, I will receive 25 free capsules. So do not feel obligated, I make no money off of this! Just enjoy sharing products I love from small USA companies who are making a change in our world! 
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