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Happy Friday! This girl is no longer in her Dock A Tot and is a belly sleeper! I'll do a post about her transition to the crib soon!

1. So I've been dabbling in Intermittent Fasting this week to see if it really is all that it's claimed to be. I'm not doing Faster Way to Fat Loss or anything like that, but I am on my own fasting for 12 hours each day. Guess it's called a "Simple Fast". I know 16 hours is the magic time to get the full benefits but there is no way I could go 16 hours without eating, I can barely make it to 12 most days! I am such a breakfast person and since I'm breastfeeding, I am STARVING come morning. I decided to do a mild version of IF and try out 12 hours which I know doesn't sound like a big deal but for me it is. Usually I would eat dinner around 8/8:30, have a snack before bed some nights (I'm telling you, breastfeeding leaves me hungry!), and then eat breakfast as soon as I wake up. On workdays that's 6 am. What I do now is try to be done with dinner by 8 pm and not eat again till 8 am. It means no more late night snacking and no early morning breakfast. I think I'll continue with it for now. I'm hoping to lose a few pounds and maybe get the health benefits from it, we'll see!

2. I have finally found the best mascara! I have had the hardest time finding a mascara I like that doesn't smudge or flake and actually makes my eyes pop. I went to Ulta around Christmas because I was totally over the smudging from my current mascara, and the salesman recommended Lancome Grandiose. I generally try to wear clean beauty products but mascara is one of those I give a pass to. It doesn't even touch your eyes so I don't worry about it! The mascara also came with an eyelash primer and an eye makeup remover, it was a gift set for Christmastime. The primer plus the mascara makes my eyelashes big, bold and long, exactly what I've been looking for all these years. Best part is, it doesn't smudge at all. If you're in the market for a new mascara I highly recommend this one.

3. I wrote a blog post last week about a Capsule Wardrobe and that I was going to go through my closet and get rid of stuff. I decided to sell a bunch of my clothes on Poshmark, lots of rag & bone jeans, Joie tops, Madewell, J. Crew. My username is @ally72386 if you're interested in taking a look. I tried to make it a steal and everything is $25 or less. 

4. I stopped into J. Crew Factory last weekend to return something and ended up buying this chambray shirt and scarf (Only $13!). That was one thing I said I would consider adding to my Capsule Wardrobe, a chambray shirt since they're so versatile and work for any season. I just loved this zebra scarf and think it would look great with the shirt or a simple white t-shirt.

5. One of my goals for the new year is to get off my phone and get more stuff done. As soon as I say "I'm just going to sit down for a minute.." it's like I go down a rabbit hole while playing on my phone. Before I know it, an hour has passed and I've accomplished nothing! I did some searching and found this app called Flipd, ever heard of it? I think it was designed for college kids so they'll get off their phones and study but basically how it works is you set a timer on the app for however long you want, I usually do 30 minutes or an hour, and it literally shuts down everything on your phone except for phone calls. No texting, taking pictures, going online, no apps.. nothing. There is no way to get them back up until the timer is done. Yes it's drastic but I'm not going to lie, I need that! 

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Cute factory finds! I need to return a sweater. I am on poshmark too and I have had some good luck! I found I get more traffic if I share other people's items, and then they share mine too.

  2. Lancome had the best mascara. I need to check out J Crew!

  3. Prior to kids I used to not eat breakfast until after I got to work around 9am but now I find I need my coffee right when I wake up and then usually eat a hour later. If I eat dinner with the kids at 5:30-6 I don’t usually eat until 7am but sometimes I don’t eat until later. I honestly think I eat less if I fast but I find it so hard to do now that I’m home with my kids! I also need that app on my phone to stop my phone use- I’ve been so badly lately!


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