Building a Capsule Wardrobe

by Ally- Life as I know it, 9:14 PM

One of my goals for the New Year is to have a more simplified life. I'm tired of all the clutter and mess that accumulates so quickly and just all the extra stuff we own, especially since having kids! I wanted to start with my closet. I actually did a big clean out when I was on maternity leave with Elsie. Going through it now, there's still lots of stuff I don't wear that's just hanging in my closet. It's gotta go! I want to start buying less but better quality. I kind of live by this already. I have jeans and shoes I've worn for 5 years but my tops could use improvement.  When I was younger, (and had lots of free time), I would go to stores just to waste time and spend money on clothes. It's ridiculous now when I think about it because I rarely buy anything for myself anymore! And, what a waste of time! Instead, I'm trying to buy nicer, more basic pieces that will last me for years and less of the "fast fashion" that is cheap and just faddish.

Capsule Wardrobes have always fascinated me but instead of buying new stuff, since that's what I'm trying to get away from, why not build one with what I already own? Then once I'm done going through it all, I can decide what I need to add to it but it shouldn't be much. If you aren't familiar with a Capsule Wardrobe, it's a set amount of clothes that you own and you only wear those pieces for the whole season. Some websites say it's 37 items or 19 items, I think it can be whatever you want it to be. The goal is for you to rotate through what's in your capsule and mix and match things.

So let's go through and see what's going to be in my Capsule for winter. Then at the end I'll decide what I need to add, maybe nothing! Oh, and accessories don't count. You can have as many scarves, hats, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings as you want. They help to change the look of an outfit. I'm also not counting rain boots or tennis shoes since they work for all seasons.


I wear scrubs 3 days a week and on my days off I'm usually in leggings so my tops don't need to be too fancy. I recently bought these pocket tees from Target and really like them. They're loose fitted but yet flattering which is what I'm always looking for in basic tees. So I have two of those, white and grey. I wear them with leggings or jeans and you can add a vest on top if it's cold.
I love the Madewell Courier/Central shirts. They're the best tops for any season and they never go out of style. They're great if you're nursing too! I own 2.
This Funnel Neck Sweatshirt from Target is a great basic and pairs well with leggings and jeans.
Pullovers are my most favorite to wear with leggings and I own two (forget to to take a picture of them!).
I have two of these Tunics from Nordstrom that are great casual or dressed up for a night out. They're also amazing with a pregnant belly! Only $24.
One Gingham classic button-down shirt from J. Crew factory, great with a vest over it or on its own.

Total: 10


I have a thick green turtleneck from Marshall's that's perfect for when it's really cold out. 
I recently bought this Turtleneck sweater from H&M.
I have Ribbed mockneck striped sweater  and Crewneck sweater in Fair Isle (not pictured because it's en route to my house!) from J. Crew. 
This Pullover sweater from Target definitely won't last two seasons but I'll keep it for now. It runs very small. I had to get a large in it and really could have gotten an extra large. It is a super cute sweater and I always gets lots of compliments on it when I wear it.

Total: 5


I'm actually really good about buying jeans and will wear a pair for years and years. I think it really does benefit you to buy the expensive jeans because they just last so much longer.
I've been wearing my Rag and Bone jeans since 2013, not kidding!
I love the Madewell 10" High Waisted Skinny Jeans and wear them almost daily. They're the perfect jean that sucks you in and is super flattering.
I also own the Articles of Society Sarah Skinny Jean. They're great jeans and on sale for $38 right now! Size down, they run big.

Total: 3

I literally own one pair, Zella Live in High Waist Leggings and wear them all the time. I promise they're washed often!

Total: 1

I think I'm going to revisit this category in the spring. Pretty much all the dresses I own are summery. I don't wear a lot of dresses in the winter and if I do it's just for church or a wedding so I'll wait and go through those in March. 


Just like jeans, I like to spend a little bit more money on shoes because I know they'll last for years. I've had these Sam Edelman Maddox boots for 5 years, they're one of my favorites.
Just recently bought these Sam Edelman Petty boots because my other ones tore but before then I had my old pair for 4 years. Some sizes are only $29!
I have a pair of brown tall boots by Franco Sarto (similar) I got from Marshall's.
I also own a pair of Stuart Weitzman Mainline boots that I'll probably never part with. 
I have these Sam Edelman Paris Suede Mules as well. Can you tell I love Sam Edelman? They're great shoes for decent prices! 
I have a pair of backless black mules from Target that are surprisingly comfortable. 

Total: 6


I own two vests that I wear all the time, Patagonia Retro-X Vest  and J.Crew Factory Quilted Puffer Vest (mine is green).
Barbour Jacket and J.Crew Pea Coat for colder days.

Total: 4

Grand total: 29

What to add to my Capsule Wardrobe:
Honestly, I don't think I'm going to add a thing. Looking at everything and knowing my lifestyle I think I'm set for the next few months. I have pieces I can dress up with dark jeans and boots or wear casual with leggings. Only two things I would consider adding is another pair of Zella leggings since I wear them so much. Unless I find them on sale, I'll just wait. I would like to find a new chambray button down shirt too. I had one from Madewell that was super old and I could use a new one since they're so versatile. 

What am I going to do with all my other clothes?
I'm going to donate a ton or try to sell some on Poshmark. Clothes for spring and summer will just stay in my closet until I go through them. I have so many blouses that I've saved because I just knew I would wear them again. Sorry silk, you no longer fit in my lifestyle!

Alright so there you have it, my Capsule Wardrobe for winter. I'll do another one for spring/summer probably in April so check back for that!
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  1. Where can we find you on Poshmark?

  2. Love love love this idea!! I have so much junk in my closet (that I blame on blogging haha) that I just need to get rid of. I’ve had a ton of luck with some nicer expensive tops from Tuckernuck. I get so many more compliments and feel better in good quality clothes these days. The older I get the more I appreciate quality over quantity! PS- I’m so happy you’re back!!


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