Elsie's 7 month Update

by Ally- Life as I know it, 9:07 PM

I swear I blinked and she's 7 months. It makes me so sad, I'm enjoying her being a baby so much! This child is truly the happiest baby. She's so smiley and easy going, and talk about sweet! She loves to be held and cuddled too. She's my baby doll and let's me dress her in whatever I want and rarely ever cries.  She makes Oliver look like a hard child, and I thought he was easy! 

She sleeps 12 hours at night and has since she was 3 months old. I followed Mom's on Call and Taking Cara Babies and kind of made my own plan mixing the two and it's made for an awesome sleeper. She sucks her thumb to go to sleep and to put herself back to sleep if she wakes up. Up until two nights ago she was still sleeping in the Dock A Tot. I tried to drop it cold turkey but she cried and got stuck up against the rails so I put her back in it, guess I'm a softy! The next night I decided we'll go the slow transition route so I took the long cushion piece out and placed it under her crib sheet. Every few nights I'm going to make it wider and wider till it's fully gone. She's done great with it so far so I'm hoping it'll keep going that way!

Wake up: 7:15 and nurse or a bottle if I'm at work
Nap #1 : 8:45-1030 
Nurse/Bottle: 10:30 
Solid Food: 11:30/12 
Nap #2: 1230 -2
Nurse/Bottle: 2
Cat nap: 4-4:45
Nurse/Bottle: 4:45
Bath: 6:45
Bottle, book, song, then bed: 7/7:15

When we're home, I nurse her for all but her last feeding, she gets a 7 oz bottle of breast milk and formula. My milk supply has dipped some so if she cries after she's done nursing I'll give her 2-4 oz of  formula (Baby's Only- this is the kind I buy and this website sells it for the cheapest) in a bottle as well. Usually it's the 2 pm and 5 pm nursing session where she doesn't always gets enough, but not always. She does this cry/whine thing and it's her way of telling me "GIVE ME MORE!" My goal was to make it to 6 months, and I have, so I feel like the breast milk she gets now is just bonus. My plan is to make it to a year, so we'll see! It's definitely made it a lot more doable now that she also drinks formula. I don't stress about how much I've pumped at work like I used to. I try to drink 2-3 cups of Mother's Milk Tea (I love the Shatavari Cardamom too) during the day and it really does seem to help with my supply. When my mom is watching her she gets 6 oz in each bottle, mixed breast milk and formula so my stash lasts longer. On those days I do nurse her before bed and then follow up with a formula bottle because I know my supply at night is low.

She gets solids food (purees) once a day but I'm going to start giving it to her two times a day this month. I was going to do Baby Led Weaning with her, I didn't with Oliver so I thought I would switch it up!, but the thought of giving her pieces of food and letting her feed herself and possibly choking terrified me. So we'll stick to purees for now and I figure by 9/10 months she'll be feeding herself anyways. I make her own baby food by buying either fresh or frozen fruits and veggies and steaming them for about 10-15 in a pot over the stove, then puree with a little bit of water with my hand blender. Her first food was sweet potato which is an easy one to make and baby's really like it. She's also had avocado, cauliflower, apple, banana, and carrots. I freeze the food in this tray which makes 1.5 oz servings. When I'm ready to give it to her, I warm it in the microwave for about 15 sec and stir it until it's all thawed. This is the chair I feed her in. We do have an actual high chair but I just haven't gotten it out of the garage yet! Love silicone bibs! The cloth ones are worthless once they get food on them and silicone is so easy to clean.


She rolls and rolls all over the room. It's crazy how fast she moves. She definitely scoots too. She's almost sitting up on her own and can for a few seconds but not fully. I'm trying to get her first word to be Mama since Oliver's was Dada, and say Mama to her 50 times a day!

She LOVES Oliver. She thinks he hung the moon and she'll burst out in a huge laugh if he just looks at her! It's the cutest thing ever. He calls her "My baby" which just melts my heart. She loves to eat and surprisingly loves bottles considering she hated them so much at first! There really isn't anything she dislikes aside from waiting for her bottle to be warm or for me to nurse her if she's starving. Otherwise she's a happy girl all day long.

Favorite Baby Gear/Toys
Everyone needs the Fisher Price Kick n Play Piano. Both my kids loved it and everyone I talk to says their baby does too! Elsie lives in the Lillebaby carrier. It's probably been my most used and favorite baby item second time around. She took naps in it when she was a newborn and now I wear her in it forward facing almost everyday. It's so easy to put her in it when we go to the store or on a walk. I got her the Grapple so I can place her in her little chair and give her toys to play with and not have to worry about them falling on the ground. She actually enjoys chewing on the ropes it came with more than the toys I have attached to it! She wants everything in her mouth so teething toys are her favorite. She loves her Matchstick Monkey. It's easy for her to hold and chew on. Other favorites: Winkle, Jellycat tail booksher mermaid teether, B. Spin, Rattle, and Roll, Little Taggies blanket, Sensory balls, Tikiri Toys

Favorite Baby Clothing Brands
I buy a large amount of my children's clothes second hand. They wear them for such a short amount of time, I have a hard time paying full price! I buy from Kidizen a lot, it's a kids consignment clothing website. You can search for a specific brand you like and by size. Pretty much everything I've bought has been in excellent condition. My favorite brands to buy for my kids are: Pixie Lily, Petit Ami, Feltman Brothers, Bella Bliss, The Beaufort Bonnet Company, Rosalina (Their clothes are made in the Philippines but the warehouse is in the Charleston area. Two times a year they have a big discount sale. If anyone is interested I can announce when the Spring sale will be. We went to the Fall one back in November and I got lots of smocked clothes for great prices!) Boden, Magnolia Baby, Kissy Kissy, Little English, Bailey Boys. I'm sure I'm forgetting something but that should cover it! Like I said earlier, I'm always trying to find a deal so I'm forever buying stuff on sale or second hand. I also buy lots of clothes off of other moms who sell their children's clothes on Instagram, eBay, and Poshmark. Can't forget Ellifox! It's a local online children's boutique, who is soon to be having a storefront, that I buy majority of Elsie's clothes from. They have the most beautiful monogramming and they can take practically any idea you have and turn it into embroidery!

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  1. I can't wait to hear more about the transition from the dockatot! Sophia sleeps in her crib in the dockatot and she's 5 months old...so I'm really interested to see how you do it!!

  2. What a sweetheart!! She’s such a good second child, I swear they’re so easy as babies!


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