Recent Hits and Misses

by Ally- Life as I know it, 9:39 PM
Hello! Sorry for the radio silence, you know how life is! Thought I would share some recent buys that were successful and those that were a waste of my time!

The Hits

Blender Bombs
These bombs are all the rage right now here in Charleston. The girl who started them lives in Charleston and there's even a smoothie bar called Hustle on James Island where you can buy the bombs and smoothies. I'm a big smoothie drinker so I couldn't wait to try these. They make the smoothie process so much easier in the morning. I no longer have to spend time measuring out stuff, it's already done for me! The bombs are packed full of healthy seeds and nuts to keep you full for hours. Love these! You can order them online if you aren't local. Along with the BB, I like to add to my smoothie: almond milk, frozen blueberries, spinach, and frozen cauliflower for an extra veggie.

Kate Somerville EradiKate
I could write a whole post on my skin but I'll leave it short and sweet and say ever since my period came back after having Elsie, my chin/jaw hormonal acne did too. I'm so glad I found this product because it works so well. I just use a q-tip and dab a small amount of the pink stuff on a pimple and it's easily decreased in size by the morning. I only use it at night because it is so pink, it reminds me of Calamine Lotion. It doesn't have the best smell since it's sulfur, but I don't even care as long as it works!

Thinkbaby Sippy Cup
I've been having the hardest time finding a sippy cup that Elsie would use. Oliver always liked the Miracle 360 but Elsie just throws it on the ground- and it is NOT leak proof! We tried a straw one and she just enjoys biting it. So I found this Thinkbaby one and figured what have I got to lose, worst case we buy a straw for it Oliver will use it! Luckily she was able to figure it out. I do have to hold it up for her since it's stainless steel and heavy but she can drink out of it. I also like that it is stainless and not plastic so I don't have to worry about any yucky chemicals leaching into her water. What's funny is the Thinkbaby sippy cup with the straw was the only sippy cup Oliver would drink whole milk out of when he turned 1 for some reason!

Leahlani Aloha Ambrosia Morning Moisture Elixir
I love Leahlani products, they're so clean and smell fresh and are very gentle on your skin yet still work. This Elixir was one of those products that I used awhile ago and for some reason never re-bought it, even though I really liked it! Since my skin has been acting up lately, I remembered how much I loved this Elixir for daytime so I picked up a new bottle at Wildcraft. It's everything I remember it being and gives your face a nice glow without being oily. It doesn't aggravate existing acne at all. In fact I think it even helps to calm any redness down. I don't like heavy lotions or oils for daytime and this oil is very light and feather-like.

After Market Brooke Tee
This is such a cute top and I can't wait to wear it with white jeans or shorts. It also looks great tucked into high waisted jeans. Best part it's only $26! Not a bad price for a classic yet stylish top. I got a size Medium so it would be plenty roomy.

The Misses

EltaMD UV Clear Facial Sunscreen
I had such high hopes for this because it has such great reviews but it made my skin look white from the Zinc Oxide and broke me out. It even says on the box it's safe for acne prone skin but my skin is just so darn sensitive. I know I'm definitely in the minority because everyone loves it. Honestly all sunscreens seem to irritate my skin. I can remember putting sunscreen on my face when I was little and having to run to the bathroom to wash it off because it burned so bad! I am going to keep it and wear it when I'm outside at the beach or the pool but as for day to day wear, I'm going to have to pass!

J.Crew 9" High-Rise Toothpick Jean in White
Another item that has amazing reviews and didn't work for me. They were too short for my 5'8 self. I'd like to try them in the next size up and a tall and see if I like them better. They definitely have potential!

Vanity Planet Brush Set
I really try not to get suckered into things influencers/bloggers/celebs are selling on their Instastories. I know they get so much stuff for free, it's hard to know if it's a genuine like or that the company is paying them to say it's great. Cameron Wimberly from Southern Charm posted about these makeup brushes and they were only $30. At the time, I was about to buy a new foundation brush for the same price so I figured why not give this whole set a try at this amazing price. Well, I got the brushes and I can't figure out how to hold them correctly! They have a toothbrush handle which is the plus to them and what makes them unique and supposedly gives you an airbrush look. To me they're odd and they feel weird when I hold them and I guess just not for me! They have tons of amazing reviews so people do like them! I probably should watch a video or something. I'm not too makeup savvy anyways, so no surprise I can't figure them out!

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  1. I have to get the JCrew jeans in tall- otherwise they're so short on me! I would say if you do try the tall to go a size down. I'm so sad the Elta MD Clear didn't work for you. That's about the only sunscreen that doesn't break my face out. I've also had good luck with this Laroche Posay sunscreen


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