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by Ally Harding, 9:40 PM

Remember how last time I talked about not liking the EltaMD sunscreen? I got a sample of the Epionce Daily Shield Lotion Tinted SPF 50 and absolutely love it. It gives a nice color to my skin and my foundation goes on so smooth. It doesn't feel like sunscreen at all and doesn't leave a white cast on my skin like EltaMD did. I haven't had to buy a full size bottle yet, only because I'm still using the sample. I'm definitely going to though and will probably start wearing it daily after I put on Biologique Recherche P50 and before my makeup.

I finally found a pair of white jeans that check all the boxes. They're skinny and stay tight, are not see through, and because they're high-rise they stay up, so no muffin top. They're the Madewell 9 inch High-Rise Skinny Jeans in Pure White. I went with my normal size 27 at Madewell and they fit great as always. You can't really tell but I'm wearing them in this picture.

Do you follow Things I Bought and Liked on Instagram? If not, you should. Well, scratch that, maybe you shouldn't! You'll end up buying so much stuff you didn't know you even needed- or existed! She posted about this trash can and I just so happened to see it in Target on a recent trip there. It's perfect for our half-bath downstairs because it has a lid so it keeps all your trash concealed. Plus it's super cute and looks similar to a Serena and Lily one- except it's only $20!

I picked up some Teleties recently and I definitely get the hype. They work like a normal hair tie except they don't leave a crease in your hair. I used to always feel like if I wear my hair up it's pretty much done for the day and has to stay up because it has a big thick crease in it. With Teleties, I can go from wearing it up to down and it looks good all day. I bought the Large size because I have the thickest hair in all the world, but most people do fine with the Small.

I think an O-venture should be a staple for all moms! It's a key ring that you can wear on your wrist or elbow so you can carry your keys hand free and never lose them. I don't know about you, but I am forever walking into my house with Elsie's car seat on one arm, groceries on the other, and my big diaper bag on my arm only to realize my keys are sunken down deep in my bag. I've only had my key ring for a few weeks, and I'm already realizing how much easier it's making my life.
Here's a link to get 10% off your first purchase at Ellifox


I made a J.Crew order recently and out of the three things I bought, only one thing worked- this suit. The other bathing suit I ordered was too small and too cheeky for me anyways. This cover-up might as well had been a blanket. I ordered the small and I seriously wonder if it was tagged wrong and was supposed to be an XXL! I thought about exchanging it for the XXS, but I'm afraid it might still be huge!,

I had such high hopes for this dress. From the moment I saw it I wanted it and thought it would be the that perfect summer dress to throw on and go and look put-together. You guys it's SO bad! I felt like a candy striper/waitress/school teacher/frumpy mom. The model makes it look precious but yikes, in real life it's bad!

So I've always been a Gwyneth Paltrow fan for the most part. I definitely roll my eyes at her ridiculous life choices a lot of times but I do like her cookbooks- normally. I bought her newest cookbook The Clean Plate and yes, it has a lot of good healthy recipes but they're either made with some crazy ingredient you have to get shipped form Taiwan or they're super time consuming. I would say pass on this book and stick to her others. I've always loved her It's All Good book- which really is easy and nothing is too difficult to make!
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