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by Ally- Life as I know it, 9:29 PM
We've been busy these past weeks. We headed up to Wrightsville Beach, NC last week for a few days of vacation. My family goes every year and it's so much fun.
It's basically a yearly family reunion with all my mom's cousins, their kids and now their own kids. It's so neat seeing Oliver and Elsie play with their second cousins? first cousins once removed? I can never remember the right wording! You get the idea!

The kids are at great ages where they love the beach. Give Oliver a shovel and a bucket and he's content for hours. Elsie is thankfully over the eating sand phase and enjoys playing in it too. She's also Ms. Independent and will take off crawling down the beach. She was crawling up to random people and making lots of friends. It's so funny how different my two kids are: Oliver is on the shy/cautious side and Elsie is more fearless.

Theo and I snuck out one night after the kids went to bed for a night out.

Before going out to dinner with the family.

When we got back it was a short work week then we celebrated my birthday early. Theo and I went to dinner at Wild Olive. It's one of my favorite restaurants but Theo had never been before. We originally planned to go out downtown and eat at Hall's but a few days before Theo suggested going to Wild Olive and getting a beer at Low Tide Brewery instead. I was honestly so happy he suggested it, definitely more our type of night out. We enjoy those casual, laid back nights rather then trying to fight for a seat at the bar at Hall's.

Then Tuesday was my actual birthday. My parents came over the night before and we had veggie lasagna from Whole Foods and the best Berry Chantilly Cake also from WF. Their bakery makes the most delicious cakes and I love that they're free of artificial dyes and colors. 

I made Natalie's Eggplant Casserole Sunday night and it was excellent. I've never cooked with eggplant before but this so easy to throw together. It reminded me of a tomato pie without the crust. Actually, it would be delicious with a crust too! Maybe I'll try that next time.

I listened to two really good podcasts lately, one as a guilty pleasure and the other one was informative. The Skinny Confidential Podcast interviewed Caroline Stanbury from Ladies of London and it was so good. I mean it was raunchy and full of foul language and definitely confirms she has  to have a nanny for her kids because she's out partying nightly like a 21 year old. Her life could not be more different from the rest of us which is why I loved hearing about it. Now, the podcast that I listened to that hopefully replaced those brain cells I lost after listening to Caroline's was from The Goop podcast. It was all about hormones and gut health. Brain fog, anxiety, constant bloating, weight gain as a women and so much more. I really enjoy learning more about our bodies so I absolutely loved this episode. Why Bloating and Brain Fog Aren't Normal

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