Making Time for Myself

by Ally- Life as I know it, 9:56 PM

Since going from one to two kids, finding the time for myself is practically non-existent. And, that's ok! It's what I signed up for when deciding to have children. Since finding the time isn't the easiest, that means that when I do find the time, it's precious to me. Here's a few things I try do for myself each day so I can recharge and be my best self. 

One big thing for me when I had kids was to get them on a schedule. Kids like the predictability and so do the parents. I know schedules aren't for everyone but for our family, they work. My kids have set naps and bedtimes. Although, Oliver's isn't as black and white as it used to be now that he's 3.5 years old. This allows for Theo and me to have breaks during the day to get stuff done around the house or just relax on the couch. Once bedtime comes, we usually eat dinner, clean up the house, then sometimes watch a show. A lot of times, I'll retreat to my room to have time to myself. I'll clean, read, organize my closet, put on a mask, drink a cup of tea, whatever I feel like doing, but it's the alone time I need each day. 

I recently listened to the best podcast from Wellness Mama. It was actually about hormones but it also touched on how your mental health is so important for your overall well-being. How we're always thinking about the future or living in the past instead of the right now. I'm very guilty of always thinking ahead and wishing for the next season to come or holiday. Or that I need to buy something because for some reason I think it will make my life better instead of being thankful for what I have right at this moment. The only thing we have for certain is what's happening right now. I think social media has definitely played a big role in everyone always wanting more and more and never being satisfied with our own lives. Thinking oh, life will be so much better once my child is older, or once summer comes, or once I lose those extra 10 lbs. Instead, I'm working on embracing my body right now, my children at their ages right now, summertime, and living more in the moment. This may not be tangible time for myself, but it's "me time" for my mind. 

I drink a smoothie for breakfast about 5-6 days a week. It's filling, easy, and ensures I get some veggies in my diet that day. I recently started making the Fab 4 Smoothie by Kelly LeVeque and it's really helped me lose those extra 5-10 lbs from pregnancy/breastfeeding. I guess the smoothie I was making before had a lot more calories then I realized! What a difference it has made by actually measuring stuff out and putting in correct ratios of fats/protein/fiber. I have so much more energy when I drink a smoothie and I don't get that crash you get with pancakes or other carb-loaded breakfasts. Drinking a smoothie leaves me feeling happy, satisfied, and positive the rest of the day. Just another way I take small time for myself each day. This is my favorite protein powder that doesn't take chalky or have that horrible Stevia taste I can't stand.

Sometimes I wish social media never existed! I know that's drastic but I think back on how many hours of life I've wasted on my phone, and I get sad. I downloaded the app called "Flipd" and it locks all the apps on your phone for a set amount of time. I use it every single day so I can have a break from my phone. I wish I could be more discipline to just not mess with my phone, but I'm not, so I'm thankful for this app. I'll usually turn it on anywhere from 1-4 hours a day. You can still make phone calls, take pictures, you just can't access any apps while you have it locked. I'll turn the app on when I get to that point in the day where I need a break from social media. This allows to get away from the comparison game, clear my mind, and spend time with my kids or myself, and be present.

Lastly, listening to podcasts or reading are so important to me. I love learning and finding ways to better myself, while trying to be happy with what I have right now! It's a balance. I love reading self help books, parenting books (Bringing Up Bebe was my favorite!), and fiction books. My favorite podcasts are Wellness Mama, Mind Body Green, The Skinny Confidential, and Goop. They all cover wellness, skin care, and ways to be a happier, better, version of yourself. 

What are some ways you make time yourself?
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