10 Closet Essentials

by Ally- Life as I know it, 9:41 PM

This is a list of 10 essentials I think everyone should keep in their closet. They're classic, work for just about every season, and never go out of style. Then you can buy fun accessories like scarfs and jewelry to change up your outfit. I prefer to spend a bit more money on these- but not always!- and buy more of the faddish things on sale or just at a cheaper price. I really do think it pays off to buy nicer things that will last for years!

1// A white button-down- I own this one but I also love this short sleeve courier one. I like to pair a white button-down with jean shorts in the summer and wear it underneath a sweater during the colder months.

2// Chambray shirt- In my opinion this is the best chambray shirt I've found. It's soft and washes well. I wear a chambray shirt with white shorts or jeans but it looks great with animal print, too. It's like a neutral. I even wear it with dark denim, too. It's a very versatile shirt and if you can find a good one, you'll have it for years.

3// White t-shirt- I've had such good luck with J.Crew Factory's basic t-shirts. They're really good quality and aren't too boxy or too tight- I usually wear a medium. I think a white one will get you so far for outfit options but I also own it in grey, and light blue. It seems they're always on sale, too!

4// Stripe Shirt- I bought a Saint James striped shirt for summer and it's been my go-to. It goes with everything- white shorts, jean shorts, white jeans, dark denim, with a jean jacket- see what I mean? It's so classic!

5// Jean Jacket- I think a jean jacket is perfect for that transition from summer to fall and winter to spring. You can wear it over a dress, white jeans, a skirt, black jeans, leggings. It elevates any outfit and you look instantly chic. I recently bought this one from H&M and was really impressed with the quality and fit.

6// Wrap Dress- What I love about a wrap dress is depending on the shoes you wear, you can make it work for any occasion. The style of dress is timeless and works for any body shape. The Louise Dress from Persifor is my favorite- I own this one. Persifor's dresses are made from the neatest material that never wrinkles and are so comfy. They've quickly become my favorite dresses to buy!

7//  Jeans- This is a given but what I've found is if you spend some money on a nice pair of denim, they fit so much better than cheaper ones and last much longer too. Madewell is where I prefer to buy jeans from - their high rise jeans are SO good.

8// Casual Sneakers- These are like the ultimate mom style, right? You can pair them with a dress, leggings, shorts, jeans, they work with anything. I've fallin in love with Tretorns- the solid white is my favorite!

9// Pump- A nude pump can take you to a wedding, church, date night- anywhere really!  I always feel like if I'm at a loss of what shoe to wear, I wear a nude heel.  Target has really stepped up their shoe game lately and this nude heel, which comes in many different heel heights, is a great one.

10// Tote- I don't think I could function without my tote! It carries my life in it, and my kid's life! I've tried to carry small bags, and they are great for events or concerts, going out to dinner etc, but for day to day, I like a tote bag. Cuyana makes the best totes, I think. They use the softest leather that only get softer with time. They hold up so well, too. I've had mine for going on 6 years- it was my 1 year wedding anniversary gift!- and it doesn't have a single scratch on it. The gold embossing with your monogram is such a nice touch, too. For a splurge, I love the Saint Laurent Shopper Tote.

This was kind of a hard list to make, I easily could have made it 30 items! But, I wanted to keep it simple. Just for fun, some runner ups were: shorts, white jeans, booties, pea coat, sweater, vest, sandals.. I could go on! Let me know in the comments what you consider your 10 closet essentials to be!
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  1. Good list! I need to invest in the no iron spray you talk about! I hate ironing, and my chambray and white button downs get neglected due to that fact.


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