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by Ally- Life as I know it, 9:10 PM
Growing up I never understood why my mom just had to wear lipstick before we left the house. I was young and had those natural pink lips that kids have and all I had to do was swipe on some Chapstick and I was good to go. Oh, but do I get it now!

Something happens as you get older where the pigment in your lips just disappears. Along with wrinkles, decreased elasticity, uneven skin tone- all the fun stuff! NOT! I seriously feel like a corpse without some sort of color on my lips! I've learned before I get any pictures taken, I have to put some lipstick on my lips or else I look washed out. So you get the point- at 33 years old lipstick is a necessity!

For me buying clean lipstick without chemicals that cause cancer or disrupt hormones is a must. We basically eat our lipstick all day and I probably kiss my kids 50 million times a day so I'll only wear non toxic lipstick. It's hard to find one that lasts as well as being clean BUT I recently got these lipsticks by Kosas and I'm obsessed! They have such great pigment, feel smooth on my lips, and they last awhile. Maybe not through a whole meal and drinking all night, but what lipstick does? I do find a hint of pigment still stays on your lips even hours after applying. So even though the lipstick has worn off, my lips still have some color on them. Which I actually like a lot because then it looks natural. 

These are the three colors I own- Rosewater, Undone, and Stardust. I bought them as a gift set and like them all for different occasions. You end up getting one lipstick for free so it's a great deal!

Warm opaque nude with a blend of pink and brown
I love this shade for nighttime. Its a bit more matte than the other two so I feel like the color stays on the longest. It's also the darkest shade.

Cool sheer pink
This is the shade I wear everyday. It's such a pretty rosey color and I feel like it brightens my complexion but doesn't make me look overdone.

Neutral sheer nude
This shade has a bit more red pigment than Rosewater. It's a good middle shade between the other two. It works for day or night depending on how heavy you apply it.

In case anyone is curious this is the necklace I'm wearing. O and E for my kids :)
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