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by Ally- Life as I know it, 6:00 AM
Happy Monday! Thought I would share some random things that have been going through my head lately.

I've gotten SO hooked on the Mom Brain podcast. The hosts are Daphne Oz and Hilaria Baldwin and even though we live such different lives, they're also moms who are in the thick of raising young kids like me and hearing their tips, tricks, how they raise their kids, who they interview, it's all so interesting and refreshing. They interview other moms who are famous and also health specialists like doctors and acupuncturists and ask so many good questions. I just love it. I think I listened to 4 episode in 24 hours. I used to wonder how in the world other moms would have time to listen to podcasts, but I've found I can listen to them for short periods of time, like in the car, getting ready for the day, when the kids are playing, when I'm laying in bed. It all adds up!

I finally finished a book, Then She Was Gone. It may have taken me 2 months to read it but I did it. Not because it wasn't good, it really was, just finding the time to read is so hard these days. I recently bought this one for my Kindle (it's only $3.50!) and have heard awesome things about it. We'll see how it long it takes me to finish it!

I think we're finally over the "terrible threes" with Oliver. I probably just jinxed myself but oh well. Oliver was the easiest child till right before his 3rd birthday. Not that he still wasn't "easy" he just developed an opinion and wasn't afraid to express it. There were many hard days, lots of tears, time outs, screaming, tantrums, you name it. I have to say, we stayed stern with him, kept our word and put him in time out when we said we would, took toys away, and it's paid off. My parents always reinforced me to say as you do and do as you say when raising kids and we always keep that in the back our mind when disciplining. Nothing about parenting comes easy that's for sure! 

My mom and I have planned a trip to NYC in December and I am so excited! I went three years ago for my 30th birthday with Theo, his cousin and her husband and had the best time. The city is so magical at Christmastime, I can't wait to share it with my mom. Send me allll the recommendations of what to see, where to eat, where to go! And, can someone please tell me how to get a table at Serendipity?!

We've been having the best pool days at my parent's pool. Not gonna lie, it was a rough start. Oliver fell in the pool back in March/April on accident -he was fine! So come May when the pool was actually warm enough to swim in, he must of had some PTSD from falling in- can't blame him!- and literally screamed bloody murder when I put him in the pool. Of course my mind starts going a mile minute with thoughts of "oh no, is this how he's going to be from now???" I signed him up for private swim lessons days later and I swear to you, it only took one lesson and he was back to being fine in the pool. Now, he hated swim lessons and cried about them too, but it made him comfortable enough to go in my mom's pool again. He loves the pool so much now and asks to get in everyday. But don't you dare dunk him under water!

I'll leave you with Elsie in her one of her #ootd. She loves dressing herself in necklaces and hats- it's so cute! We just eat it up. 

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