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So thankful for a normal week! Last week we were in Charlotte due to Hurricane Dorian. We went for Labor Day weekend to visit Theo's cousin and his family and ended up staying all week due to a mandatory evacuation. It was a bit stressful because we didn't know who was going to watch Pixie while we were gone since she couldn't stay at the kennel. We were worried about our house of course and how it would be once we got back into town. Or depending on the damage and if there was any power outage, when we would be able to go back home. Luckily our house had zero damage, we only had power out for about 5 hours, and we had wonderful friends and neighbors who watched Pixie for us. We were so lucky that's for sure! As much as I love this time of year, the constant hurricane scares are not fun!

We had lots and lots of pool time in Charlotte! 

I recently became obsessed with a new to me brand called Dudley Stephens, ever heard of it? It's stylish fleece that you can wear as lounge wear and dress it up with pants, even skirts. I think it's pretty popular in the New England area but I have yet to see or hear anyone talk about it down south. Probably because it's still 95 degrees here in the middle of September! My favorite style is the Park Slope in the Natural Blush color. I also love the color block styles too- camel with blue and camel with green. They recently came out with a terry fleece style that I've heard is good for us in warmer climates. Love them all! Which is your favorite?

I picked up this Shea Butter Lotion while were out of town last week because my hands get SO dry and of course I forgot my normal lotion. I wash them what feels like 50x a day so I like to apply lotion often to combat the dryness soap leaves. The lotion is so thick and moisturizing yet it isn't greasy at all.  The only ingredient is 100% Raw Shea Butter which I also love.

Elsie started daycare this week and it didn't go too well. :( She and Oliver only go two days a week but those two days were hard on my poor baby. I know she'll adjust and be fine like Oliver is now but it doesn't mean I don't have total mom guilt about her being there! Especially when I heard she only slept 30 minutes and barely touched her food! Anyways, I went ahead and purchased a bottle of Elderberry Syrup to start giving them to hopefully prevent sickness. It's beginning to be cold and flu season and if Elsie is anything like Oliver was when he first started daycare, she'll start to come home with a snotty nose pretty soon. I'll give her 1/2 tsp of the syrup and Oliver 1 tsp daily. And then at the first sign of a cold, I'll up the dose and give it two times a day. Elderberry is known to boost your immune system and I've given it to Oliver and myself off and on since he's started daycare and I really do think it makes a difference. Plus the kids think it's delicious and Oliver literally asks for it daily!

Did you know I'm on the Like to Know it app now? If you're rolling your eyes at this, trust me I did too, for years now. We don't need a another social media app! But it really is a quick way to find an outfit or item a blogger/influencer shares. I only follow a handful of people on the app so it doesn't get overwhelming!

I stopped into Target this week one night after we put the kids to bed. It was like 8 pm and the store was quiet and I was alone, it was perfect. I tried on a few things I'm wishing I had bought but with how how hot it is here still, I just can't get in the fall mood yet. But I'm sure once October comes, the fall clothes will come out, cool yet or not!

This sweatshirt was SO cute and so soft on the inside. It would be comfy and cozy with leggings and you could even wear it with jeans and boots. I love buying clothes that are versatile like that. I sized up to a Large but I actually think I'm going to buy it in a XL so it's more roomy. On sale for $15 right now, too!

This sweater dress is much more flattering than I first expected. I was worried it would be too tight but it was the perfect shape. Fitted but not so much you have to worry about lumps and bumps. I would wear it with knee high boots for a date night or short booties for daytime. Of course I can't find it online, but it's by the A New Day brand. I'm wearing a Medium. Sorry for my appearance in this pics, I had worked a full day and was exhausted. But I wasn't about to pass on a solo Target trip!

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