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by Ally- Life as I know it, 10:10 PM
Doing- One of my goals after I had Elsie was to start Intermittent Fasting. It has so many health benefits plus I knew it would be a good way to lose the baby weight. Fast forward to like 14 months postpartum, and I'm finally doing it.
To be honest, I didn't have much faith in myself to do it. I knew there was no way I could go 16 hours without eating. I wake up starving every single morning and have to eat immediately or I'm going to die. That's truly how I feel! I actually think I trained my body to wake up hungry because I was so used to eating as soon as I woke up when I was pregnant and breastfeeding. Which also meant I would need to train myself to not eat until a few hours after I woke up.  I started with a small goal of just 12 hours in between meals. I did that for a few weeks and decided to see if I could go longer, maybe try 13-14 hours. As of now, my max has been 15 hours which is a HUGE deal for me. Before all this, I would only have around 8 hours of fasting. I still wake up hungry but I've learned to drink lots of water and green tea helps too. The caffeine in it really does curve your appetite. Sadly, I haven't noticed any weight loss but I do think my pre-pregnancy jeans are a bit looser, which is nice! My goal is to lose 5-7 lbs. Which isn't much I know ,but it's so much harder to lose that tiny bit of weight at 33 than it was in my 20's! I'm going to keep at it and see where it gets me.

Watching- We are still loving The Righteous Gemstones and just started the new season of American Horror Story. This season is set at a camp, kind of like Friday the 13th, and I think it's going to be good! 

Listening- I LOVED the podcast on Goop Beauty with Rose Marie Swift from RMS Beauty. It was so informative and interesting. I really like RMS makeup- the Living Luminizer and Eye Polish in Solar are two of my favorites. I also really want to try the new Un Cover Up Cream Foundation. Back to the podcast, if you also love clean beauty or really just makeup in general, I highly recommend listening to it!

Reading- Nothing!! Somebody recommend a book for me to read! 

Buying- I really like H&M's sweaters. They're so well priced yet are still very good quality. I don't feel that way about all H&M's clothes, but I continue to be impressed with their sweaters. Unfortunately, they also sell out super fast. So if you like something, buy it now! My sweater is sold out, no surprise it was only $20! But check often, maybe they'll restock it! It's SO comfy. I'm actually wearing it right now as I'm typing this because it's just so cozy.

Until then, here's a bunch of other H&M sweaters I'm loving. I usually wear a medium or a large.


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