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by Ally- Life as I know it, 9:35 PM
Thought I would share a few things that have caught my eye lately...

I got THE dress! You know, that Amazon Nightgown Dress that went viral? It was pretty popular all summer long so I'm a bit late to the game but now that I own it, I get the hype! It's so pretty and comfy and I even think flattering, although it could pass as a nightgown. When it comes to sizing, the reviews are a bit all over the place. I ordered a size 8 and hoped it would work out. Come to find out, it's actually in UK sizes so a UK size 8 is a US size 4 so that did make sense as I'm usually a 4/6. This blue and white style is sold out often so if you see it in your size, snatch it up! It was my favorite of all the color options.

Debating buying this jacket.

Ok, so I actually already own it..I know, what? Here's the story- I got it in navy last year for Christmas and was so excited about it I didn't even care it was a tad too small. I thought, " I still have some baby weight to lose, I'm sure by next year it'll fit perfect!" Wrong! It's too tight in the arms and shoulders. I am 5'8 so I'm used to having to go up a size in jackets. So I decided to sell it on Poshmark. It's in perfect condition, I never wore it and it's a size 6. If I reorder it, I'm going to order a size 8 so fingers crossed it works better! It would definitely fit a size 2 or a small size 4. Let me know if anyone is interested. We can talk about a lower price since we would be avoiding the Poshmark fees!

Can't wait for cooler weather so I can wear this top. I ordered a size small. (See if code FUN10 gets you 10% off.. it always works for me..shhh)

Oh, and this top has been on my wish list for awhile now. J.Crew had one of their many sales this weekend, so I snatched it up! I ordered a size small.

I try to take the kids to the library often to check out some books and they also really enjoy it. I decided I wanted to check out a cookbook but trying to browse through thousands of books with two kids is not exactly easy to do. So I quickly grabbed the first book that sounded interesting before my kids ripped all the books off the shelves. It ended up being Barefoot Contessa How Easy Is That? I made her French Lentils and they were AMAZING! Can't wait to make some more recipes out of it before I have to return it.

How cute is Elsie in her new (and only!) shoes? Chus' shoes are my favorite for kids. Oliver has learned to put his on by himself (YES!) and they just look so cute on.  They can dressed up or down and work for lots of seasons. You can't go wrong with them! She's in the smallest size, size 21.

That face is going to give us some trouble one day!

This sweater turtleneck is SO good. I bought it in the grey color, but I'm contemplating ordering it in a few more. I got in a size medium because I like my sweaters to be roomy. I've also bought larges before in similar sweaters from H&M. Now, if we could just get some cooler weather!!

One more thing, I'm loving this scarf! The colors are perfect for fall.

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  1. These posts are so deadly for me because I literally have every browser open and carts calling my name. I totally bought that stain spray and iron in a bottle from your other post and love both of them!

  2. Glad you love them!! Makes me so happy!:)


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