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by Ally- Life as I know it, 6:00 AM

Being a mommy is easily the hardest job. Your patience, nerves, and sanity is tested just about every single day.  You still have to take time for yourself, do what you enjoy, and of course make your health a priority because if you aren't your best self, everyone suffers. Or you'll just go insane! Today I'm sharing some mommy must-haves, things that I enjoy and bring me happiness (or make my life a bit easier!) so I can be the best mommy to Oliver and Elsie.

Loopy Case- You've probably seen these all over the internet. It seems just about every "influencer" is talking about how great they are. But seriously you guys, this case is a lifesaver. I can't even tell you many times the loop has prevented me from dropping my phone. It's also great when you have your hands full (like all the time) and you can just slip the loop on your finger, and you're good to go. I think this would make an awesome baby shower gift for a new mom, too!

Oventure Big O Key Ring- This kind of goes hand and hand with the Loopy Case, but instead for your keys. There is nothing worse than having your hands full, a baby on one arm, and a toddler saying " I need to go pee pee!!" and you can't find your keys to get in the house! With this key ring, you just slide it on your arm and it's like it isn't even there. I never lose my keys anymore deep in my purse and I always have them ready to go. Also, the ring is silicone and doubles as a teether for baby, genius! Another amazing new mom gift!

Dry Shampoo- A mom stable, right? Who has time to wash their hair everyday, not me! My favorite brands are Dry Bar and Moroccan Oil for more expensive ones and Batiste for drug store.

Skincare- Now that I'm in my 30's, I'm starting to see some fine lines on my face that were never there before so I've started using better skincare to prevent aging. I look forward to my skincare routine every night. It calms and relaxes me and it's the time for myself that I really enjoy. I talked about my skincare routine in this post and my acne struggles. How your skin looks affects your self esteem a lot so taking the time to wash my face, put on masks, creams, serums etc is so important to me and something I take the time to do every single day.

Sleep-  I am so bad about getting good sleep but I can tell such a difference when I don't. My patience is so thin, I feel exhausted and it seems even the smallest things that wouldn't normally bother me, become a huge deal. I also tend to get sick when I've been running off little sleep days in a row. I don't get the 8-9 hours I used to get prekids, but I do try for 7 hours- although, usually it's more like 6.5. Which makes me laugh when I think how before kids I wouldn't be able to function off that little sleep! Your body really does adjust to less sleep, whether it's healthy or not. I think we all know the  amount of sleep we need to feel like a human and to be a good mommy. Kind of like how being hungover the next day isn't same once you have kids! Not worth it!

Vitamin D- Way before kids, I used to get so foggy brained and tired for no reason and I just thought it was normal. My doctor randomly had my Vitamin D level checked and it so low. I think my level was 16 and you want to aim for 60! Explains the foggy brain! She started me on Vitamin D pills immediately and to this day I take 4000 IU daily and I just felt so much better. There's losts of other random symptoms you can have if you're low in Vitamin D, I actually wrote a blog post about it years ago, but I've also read it can prevent cancer and other illnesses. I tell everyone to get their level checked because unless you're basking in the sun daily, you probably are deficient as well- 80% of the population is. We have so little control over our genes, the air we breathe, water we drink and the food we eat so if there's something I can do to prevent me from getting sick, I see no reason not to do it.

Podcast- Podcasts have become really popular lately and I'm so thankful because I truly love listening to them. I used to wonder how people would find time to listen to a podcast, especially with kids around, but I can easily listen to a full episode in a few hours span. Usually I'll listen to one in the car, while I'm getting ready, while I'm cleaning up the kitchen, if the kids are in the other room playing, you just find time. My favorites are Mom Brain, Goop, Goop Beauty, and The Skinny Confidential Podcast. I love learning and educating myself and listening to podcasts is like my time away where I can zone out and learn something new.

Snacks- I think most moms spend the majority of their day making sure their kids are fed and before you know it, you haven't eaten since 8 am. It seems you're always ravenous in the worst times, like on the playground where there's no food around. I like to carry snacks in my bag not just for the kids but also for myself. Because no one wants a hangry mama! My favorites are Kind bars and Rx bars because they never seem to go bad. There has been many times where I've found a bar in the bottom of my purse and had no clue how long it had been there and I didn't even hesitate to eat it!
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