Why you need a ruggable rug

by Ally- Life as I know it, 9:31 PM

I bought a Ruggable Rug for our area between the kitchen sink and the island and I'm so impressed with it that I had to share it on here. I've talked about it on my Instagram a few times, too. If you aren't familiar with Ruggable, they make indoor/outdoor rugs that you can wash in the washing machine. They are also stain resistant, waterproof, and non toxic. The top of the rug, the actual cover, is velcroed onto the rug pad (it comes with the rug pad. A nice perk I think!) so it rips right off when you need to wash it. You wash the rug cover in cold water and dry on low. It could not be easier. I think it's such a neat concept and the rugs are perfect for high traffic areas. They're especially great if you have dogs and kids who are always spilling something on the floor (my house daily!).

The style I have is the Leyla Creme (this link is for Amazon because I found that the price was significantly lower versus at Ruggable's website.) I like that it has neutral colors and a simple, classic pattern. The color and style goes really well in our kitchen I think. I was so impressed with this rug, I want to buy one for our living room now. It's a VERY high traffic area and to be able to wash the rug thoroughly and often, not just vacuum it would give me so much satisfaction! Here's some other favorites:
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