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The weather was a smidge cooler this weekend - and by cooler I mean it wasn't in the 90's like it's been! I was actually able to wear jeans and not sweat for once!
Friday during the day the kids and I went to the Mt. Pleasant Waterfront Park. They had fun playing on the playground and walking the pier. We got lunch from the gift shop and sat outside and ate. 

Theo has been dying to have my parents over to watch Rocketman so Friday we were finally able to do it. He's the chef in the house and made surf and turf (shrimp and steak) with mashed potatoes and caesar salad. He bought Argentine Shrimp from Harris Teeter and I swear they're the best shrimp ever. They're wild caught shrimp from the deep water and they taste just like lobster. I SWEAR! If you ever see some for sale, buy them. Problem is you won't want any other shrimp after eating them- they're that good. Ok, enough about the shrimp, the movie was really good! Anyone else seen it?

Saturday we headed to the Farmer's Market to let the kids run around and play. Oliver played in the jump castle and went down the big slide over, and over, and over until we finally had to take him away when a strange man walked up talking to the ground and taking stuff out of his pockets. Yah, it definitely got scary for a minute there so we got away quick. I'm sure he was harmless but the world has gotten so scary now, you just never know.

That night Theo used the leftover shrimp and made shrimp and grits. This was the packet of grits he used. It also came with a mix to make a sauce. It was all so good!

Sunday was Oliver's birthday party! He turns 4 on Wednesday and I still don't know how that's even possible. I know it's so cliche, but I really do feel like I had him only 2 years ago. I always get kind of sad this time of year because it reminds me of when I brought him home from the hospital. He was the little boy who made me a mommy. I wish I could go back to those early days just for a minute, just to experience it all again. I feel like I spent so much of his first few months wishing for time to pass because it was SO hard and I didn't know what I was doing. Now I would kill for them to slow down. I can't even look at pictures of him as a baby or I'll tear up. He's so special.

We had his party at Chuck E. Cheese and it was just perfect. He had a blast and they do everything for you there. You literally just show up with just yourself and then leave when it's done. It was SO nice being able to not have to worry about balloons or the cake or even table decorations, they did it all. I seriously think we might have every party there from now on- haha!

That's all for now! Have a good week!
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  1. Looks like such a great weekend!! Now I'm craving shrimp and grits. I can't believe Oliver is turning 4 either- I remember when you were pregnant with him! It just all goes by too fast.


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