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by Ally- Life as I know it, 10:09 PM

I can't believe Halloween is already over and done with! Truly, where has this year gone?! Oliver loves Toy Story and decided to be Woody for Halloween probably since August. For fun, I said the rest of us would also dress as Toy Story characters which just made him SO excited. My plan was to be Jessie (the cowgirl) but last minute we found a Gabby Gabby costume for dirt cheap and that became my costume! Elsie was Bo Peep and Theo was Buzz Lightyear. It was really cute and Oliver was beaming all night long. I think we may have to dress up as a family for Halloween every year!

I checked out the 100 Days of Real Food on a Budget from the library and so far we've made two recipes and they were excellent. If you aren't familiar with the cookbooks, I think she has three now, they're all clean, healthy recipes. I own her first book and I've made lots of good meals out of it but the only issue is they can get pricey and some are time consuming. So that's what I really like about her new book. All of the recipes require ingredients that will cost you $15 or less. And if you already have some of the ingredients at home - like the two recipes we made called for whole wheat flour which we already had- it'll cost you even less! I highly recommend the book if you're wanting to make healthy, budget friendly recipes for your family.

Boys moms listen up- last year I found the best puffer vest for Oliver from Amazon for only $30. I was so impressed with the quality of it and how warm it kept him. Vests are perfect for our Charleston weather and I think they look so preppy and cute on little boys. I went and ahead and ordered him the next size for this year-size small. I find that their sizes run true to size to big. He has a pair of pants also by that same brand and they were big on him last year. Which I prefer, because then he can get more wear out them! It looks like the navy is currently out of stock but the red is still available.

A few recent buys: these jeans from J.Crew are SO good. They're cropped, and somewhat straight leg, and high waisted. The perfect mom jean!

I also snagged this tissue turtleneck for $20! I went with the pale pink color but I was tempted to buy the Heather Grey. Oh, and the Bright Cerise is SO pretty! Use code FAMILY to get 40% off almost everything on their site.

This is a random one but I had to share because it's SO delicious! The Turkey Cranberry sub is back at Publix and if you like that kind of stuff, get it! If deli meat wasn't the devil-  it's a known carcinogen but it's still good and I can't give it up!- I would get it everyday. So, it'll be a treat maybe a few times a month, because it's my favorite!

Have a good weekend! 

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