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by Ally- Life as I know it, 8:39 PM
Happy Friday! We saw the Lights at Magnolia Plantation Chinese Lantern Festival this week and they were amazing! I highly recommend it if you live in Charleston. The kids loved it, too! FYI: if you go Wednesday or Thursday night parking on-site is free. Otherwise it's pretty pricey or you have to take shuttle.

I made a delicious soup to eat before we went to the lights, Zuppa Toscana. It was 40 something degrees that night and I knew a hot, nourishing soup would be perfect for dinner. It's a Whole30 recipe if that's your thing! A friend of mine has a raved about it forever so I decided to finally make it and she was right about how good it was! I can't wait to make it again.

I always get my kids a book for every holiday and this is what I picked out for Valentine's Day this year. Elsie loves the original Lola Dutch book and I do too. The illustrations are beautiful and Lola Dutch is so whimsical, the story just memorizes Elsie. I had to order the newest book that came out for V-Day, Lola Dutch I Love You So Much. Oliver is getting Love, Splat. The Splat books always have such cute stories.

Amanda Lindroth's beautiful Bahamian home gives me all the heart eyes and has me dreaming for a vaca. The pictures are from 2014 but it was recently featured on the Blue and White Blog, which I also love for all coastal/chinoiserie interiors.

And while I'm on that dream vaca, I'll be wearing this dress.

I listened to the best podcast this week on The Skinny Confidential with Gabby Reece. You know the volleyball player who's married to the surfer Laird Hamilton? She's super smart and talks all about wellness and just having a good mindset for life. It left me feeling inspired and positive.

Have a good weekend!
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  1. The Lights looks like such a fun outing! I have made that soup and Matt loves it. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Everything here I love! That soup, the lights, that dress, that home! (And I’ll def have to snag that book for miss Andi) have a great weekend!


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