I haven't written a Baby Favorite Things post in years. I think since Oliver was a baby- it's been a while! Click here to read all my Baby Posts. Up until this point, Elsie has really only enjoyed playing with Oliver's toys or Tupperware. Honestly, Tupperware still keeps her occupied for awhile! I love that she's starting to have her own toys and she plays by herself so well. Oliver is getting into "boy" toys and has gotten really good about playing by himself, too. Any mom knows how wonderful it is when both kids are playing quietly and independently by themselves. Sometimes it only lasts 30 seconds before someone wants something, but those 30 seconds are heavenly. Here's a list of Oliver and Elsie's favorite toys right now.


Magna-Tiles- Both kids LOVE these and Oliver especially will get in "the zone" and play with these for the longest time. Until his little sister comes and knocks it down as little siblings do!

Spider-Man Bike- Oliver wasn't really interested in riding a bike until we got him a super cool Spider-Man Bike. I was so proud of him for how fast he learned to pedal the bike. He's a very cautious child so I also bought him allll the pads and helmet so he would feel safe while riding it. He's fallen off a few times but because he's padded up, he isn't really phased by it and will get back on. 

Nerf Gun- My mom bought him this and at first I didn't really want him to have it because it is a gun and I just don't think a 4 year old needs a gun. But, the little darts are so small and we told him to only aim down or knock down a toy, never a person and so far he's listened. Until Daddy plays with him and they shoot each other in the butt! Haha!

Picture Word Bingo-  This is a fun game that we all enjoy playing. It teaches your child words and word recognition. Oliver gets SO excited when he finds the right card for his board, it's a really good confidence booster!

Pirate Ship- I bought this years ago and Oliver was never interested in it until one day recently. He'll go and pull it out of the playroom by himself and start playing with it. I was SO close to getting rid of it before Christmas, glad I didn't!

Greedy Granny- This game is so silly but Oliver loves it. 

Osmo Game- Oliver goes through phases with this where he'll play with it for awhile then get bored and won't play with it for days until we remind him he has it. I think it's a great learning tool and with age he'll enjoy it more.

Toy Story Gang- So far we have Woody, Buzz, Mr. Potato Head, and Rex. 

Swing Set- This counts for both kids because they both ask to play on their new swing set they got for Christmas every single day. Elsie has taught herself how to climb up the ladder and go down the slide all by herself. She's our fearless one. 


Corolle Doll- It seems all of a sudden Elsie has become obsessed with babies and it's all she talks about and wants to play with. She has a couple of babies but this one is her favorite.

Feeding Set- Because you have to feed your baby!

Baby Doll Stroller- She pushes her baby in her stroller all around the house. It's probably her favorite thing to do!

Play Makeup Set- She loves this little set, it's just like mommy's makeup.

Hedgehog Toy- I couldn't believe how fast she picked up on how this toy worked! As soon as I took it out of the package, she knew exactly how the little quills go in the holes. It's a great toy for Fine Motor Skills.

Books- Elsie loves books and will sit for a long time flipping through the pages. Her favorites right now are: Lola Dutch and the Lift-the-Flap Books

Hide and Squeak Eggs- I posted about this on IG stories and so many people said their kids loved this too! It says for 6 months and up but even Oliver enjoys playing with it. 

KidKraft Play Kitchen- Elsie is at that age where she loves to put things in and take them out, then put them back in, and take it out again. Over and over and over. So that's pretty much what she does with this play kitchen put it keeps her entertained!

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