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Happy Friday! We're celebrating Valentine's a week early and going out to dinner either tonight or tomorrow. Whenever my mom is able to watch the kids! We're so thankful for my mom and all she does for us and the kids. We had what could have been a big house issue turn into a small one, luckily. Wednesday night I went into our half bath downstairs, which is directly underneath the laundry room (I'm sure you can see where this is going!) and found water pouring out of one of the screw holes that holds the mirror. Theo works for an insurance company so whenever house problems come up he starts thinking worse case scenario (because he hears horror stories every single day. Kind of how I am with medical stuff. A child has a fever and my mind starts racing with horrible diseases they could have.) ANYWAYS, so his biggest fear was how much water is in the dry wall and the damage there is. We had a plumber come out today and he found the issue very fast, patched it up, and the only thing we're left with is a small hole where the mirror goes. And most important, no damage. So it could have been much, much worse! 

I spotted these tan Tretorn's and I have to have them! I wear my white ones a lot but they get dirty really fast. Maybe it's just me being OCD, but the tiniest speck of dirt on them drives me crazy! So, tan ones would be amazing and they would go with as much as stuff as the white ones do.

I've been loving Lerosett clay spot treatment for those random pimples that love to pop up. You can also use it as an all over mask, which I haven't done yet but I'm planning on it.

A favorite, easy, everyday top. Use code SHOPNOW to get an additional 30% off. I'm thinking of snagging it in the hot pink- it's only $12! I'm wearing a size small. It fits boxy and kind of on the short side, but I'm also 5'8 so consider that!

In an attempt to eat better for my overall health, I've been working on following Kelly LeVeque's Fab4 diet? Lifestyle? Way of life? Basically you eat for blood sugar balance. If your blood sugar is right where it needs to be, then insulin isn't needed and your body can work on more important things like fat burning. I find it all so interesting. I can always tell a difference when I eat a carb loaded lunch versus lots of protein and veggies. I get a horrible crash and feel exhausted and sluggish. But then I want to eat more carbs to give me energy, or so I think. It's a vicious cycle. Both of Kelly's books are so good about explaining how insulin and blood sugar works and why to eat protein, fat, fiber, and greens with every meal. I drink a Fab4 smoothie for breakfast every single day, and have for months, and I love how it keeps me full and satisfied until lunch. But that's usually where it ends. I'll eat a sandwich for lunch which causes my insulin to spike and it's all down hill from there. SO, I'm trying to be more mindful and eat better and keep her Fab4 eating plan in the back of my mind when choosing what I'm going to eat. I also fast every day for at least 12 hours, usually 14. That's the most I can do without feeling like I'm going to pass out! I've read for women's hormones we shouldn't fast more than 14-15 hours anyways. So it works for me!

An India Amory pareo is very high on my wish list right now. They're all so beautiful! Which is your favorite?

Have a great weekend!

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