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by Ally- Life as I know it, 9:44 PM

What a week, right?! Ugh Coronavirus. I'm half over hearing about you and half terrified of you! So far the surgery center I work at is still operating, but we do elective surgeries mostly so who knows how long the CDC will let us keep going. As I'm sure along with everyone else, our family has been hand washing like 50,000x a day and keeping our hands away from our face (I really mean Theo and myself. The kids will never be able to keep their hands away from their faces!) I'm trying to get a good night sleep to keep my immune system up and also taking Vitamin D everyday. It's all you can do! Oh yah, and stay away from crowds. I found this article helpful on ways to boost your immune system- Be Prepared, Not Scared. Natural ways to boost your immune system

This is the household cleaner I use, Force of Nature. Here's a blog post I wrote about it over a year ago. It's an appliance that turns water, salt and vinegar into an all purpose cleaner that disinfects as well as bleach. What I love about it is it's non toxic so I literally spray it on every single thing. All the kid's stuff gets sprayed down often, high chair, counter tops, bathrooms, windows- it even gets blood out of clothes. You can read here all the other uses too. It's an amazing product and the best part about it is you never run out. Once you buy the starter kit, all you have to buy is refills and they are around $19 for 25 refills. Each bottle of solution has a shelf life of 2 weeks, although most of the time, especially right now, I make a bottle a week. You can use code SHAREIT50 to get 50% off your starter kit.

Did you know that when your mascara starts to smudge under eyes, it's probably because it's old? I never knew that before but makes total sense as my mascara is 4 months old and I look like a raccoon everyday! I decided to go back to the Honest Mascara I used to wear and loved but only stopped using it because Target no longer sold it but I found it on Amazon. Good ole Amazon! It comes with a built in primer which is key for me because my lashes are short and stubby. A primer makes them appear longer and more full and helps your mascara stay on longer.

Here's an easy weeknight dinner we have often- chicken breast topped with sour cream (you could use mayo or greek yogurt too), panko bread crumbs, parmesan cheese (optional) and then Italian seasoning, salt and pepper. We usually eat it with broccoli and mashed sweet potato but that night we made french fries. We have this meal probably every week and I never get tired of it. We buy frozen chicken and frozen broccoli from Costco and then just pick up a sweet potato from the grocery store. Super easy and healthy.

And lastly, I finished "Cheer" on Netflix this week and it was so good! It took me a couple of episodes to really get into it but by the final episode I was in tears! Something to consider watching if you're home for the next few weeks.

Hope everyone stays healthy and safe!
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  1. Maybe I need to give Cheer another go around.


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