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by Ally- Life as I know it, 8:55 PM

I've really gotten hooked on podcasts this past year. Anytime I'm in the car by myself or getting for bed/getting ready for the day, I'm always listening to one. To me it's a form of self care. In my opinion there's nothing better than a nice solo car ride with a podcast playing. Or at the end of the day, slip into your pj's, wash your face, put on a mask, and listen to a podcast. There's something so relaxing about it! Maybe it's the alone time, who knows, either way I look forward to it! Here is a list of the podcasts I listen to mostly. Let me know in the comments any of your favorites that you think I should subscribe to!

Bad on Paper- This is the influencer Grace Atwood's podcast, along with her friend Becca Freeman. I kind of pick and choose what episodes I listen to only because a lot of the episodes are about books that I haven't read or politics. With that said, there are a lot of other topics they discuss that I enjoy. They'll discuss beauty, blogger/influencer, hacks for travel, their favorite things- basically a little bit of everything. 

Be There in Five- Kate Kennedy hosts this podcast and most episodes are just her all by herself for sometimes 2 hours. She discusses topics like being a millenial, mormon mommy bloggers, pop culture. She also interviews big influencers and those are always entertaining. Her podcasts would be great if you have a lengthy commute because they are long, but really good.

Mom Brain- I just love Mom Brain. They touch on so many good topics about motherhood and they interview the best speakers. Even though Daphne and Hilaria lead a very different life than the rest of us, it's refreshing to hear they also deal with picky eaters, temper tantrums, and they have the same worries about raising kids as we all do. 

Goop Presents the Beauty Closet- If you love clean beauty, or beauty in general, this is a great podcast to listen to. I actually prefer it over the regular Goop podcast! They interview lots of clean beauty experts, dermatologists, and people who have made a big impression on the beauty industry.

Mind Body Green-  I've been a big reader of the Mind Body Green website for years so when I heard there was a podcast, I quickly subscribed. They discuss all things health/wellness. 

The Skinny Confidential Him and Her- Out of all the podcasts I rotate through, this might be my favorite. Lauryn and her husband Michael always discuss the most interesting topics with the coolest people. I love all their episodes on skin, anti aging, intermittent fasting, healthier lifestyle- all good stuff. 

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