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by Ally- Life as I know it, 8:51 PM

Playing around with table settings. We bought this outdoor dining set for our backyard patio and I'm so excited to have a table to set again!  We turned our dining room into a playroom and got rid of our dining room table a few years ago. It was definitely a smart move. The room gets so much more use now but I miss having a big table. Since then, we haven't had a large table aside from our little 4 seater in the breakfast nook. It's the little things these days like planning tablescapes!

I really enjoyed this weeks Goop Podcast where Gwyneth interviewed Dr. Peter Attia, a longevity specialist and data-focused physician. They talked about Covid-19 and also touched on ways to improve our immune system and ways to manage stress. With all the conflicting information out there right now it was nice to hear from a reputable source. I definitely have less anxiety about the virus after listening to the podcast. I'm not usually a big Goop podcast listener, but this one was worth hearing.

I don't know what is going on with my Elsie's sleep but ever since this quarantine started she's been waking up at 6 am, sometimes 5:40! And she's wide awake ready to go. I would normally leave her in her room until it's time to wake up but she's a screamer, I mean LOUD, and I just can't let her do that for over an hour. I'm sure it's just a phase, at least I hope! Oliver never went through any of this but I guess there's a 2 year old sleep regression that some kids go through. She'll be 2 in June so maybe it's happening early. Being a second time mom, I know deep down it won't last forever like everything with kids. There's also part of me that says she's a different child than Oliver is and maybe she's always going to be an early riser. There are definitely worse things I could be going through but this lack of sleep is wearing on me!

Is anyone else's kids totally over all the snacks in your house? Mine are. They want to eat all.day.long, yet they want nothing I have to offer them. And of course it's food they ate just fine two days ago. I'm thinking of making these cookies for them to eat for snacks. They have a whole can of chick peas in them plus chocolate chips and nut butter. They sound delicious to me! Hopefully the fiber and protein from the chick peas will keep them full for longer than 20 minutes!

I've had my eye on this dress for over month now and I keep missing it when it goes on sale. Well now it's sold out in my size. The colors are so pretty and as you can tell from the reviews, it's a good one. I'm hoping one day the stars will align and it will be on sale (preferably 50% off!) AND my size will be in stock.

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