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I just got an email asking if I wanted to renew my monthly subscription for CBD oil which means I've been using it for almost a whole month, so I think it's time I do a review! I know I had so many questions about it before using it, does it make you feel weird? Is it addicting? Most important, does it really work? Before I get to all those questions, I'll share why I started using it to begin with.

One thing I'm finding out as I get older, is we all tend to suffer from some sort of anxiety. I don't know if it's an age thing, I know for certain I didn't worry/stress about half of the stuff I do now when I was younger. But whenever I bring up anxiety, most people agree they suffer from it as well. I think back to when I first started having panic attacks and it was when I was nursing school. I had never, ever had one before in my life before then and I remember the day I had my first one so well. It terrified me. Your heart starts to race and you have this total out of body feeling like something bad is about to happen. I learned how to manage it and whenever a panic attack would come, I would let it run its course, which is all you really can do. Once I got a grasp on my anxiety, it pretty much went away.  So that was 2010. Fast forward to 2015 when Oliver was born. My anxiety came back with full force and I don't remember having panic attacks as much as I remember just always worrying about something. My main worry was something bad would happen to me and Oliver would be without a mom. And these thoughts would consume me, especially that first year he was born. I remember seeing my doctor about 10 months postpartum and I started bawling because I was so worried I was going to die. She was very honest with me and told me that you can't spend your life worrying about the unknown. Love on my new baby and celebrate each day. There was something about the way she told me this advice, nothing I didn't already know, but it really resonated with me. She also said she could give me some anti anxiety medicine but she thought I should try to manage without medicine, which I appreciated because I wasn't really looking for a pill at the time. So after that, my anxiety was pretty much in check. It would come out here and there but nothing I couldn't manage. Until I had Elsie and my period came back. Ever since then, my PMS has been awful. I can literally feel the anxiety boiling in my body days before my period is about to start. My anxiety is sky high, it's more like OCD. I will think about something, usually health related, like a small headache and will focus on it all day long and worry. Even though I realize what's going on, it's like I can't stop it. My patience for my family is nonexistent and I will lash out anyone at any given time. I'm absolutely miserable and so is Theo (he's the one who has to live with me!) but the only way for it to go away is for my period to start. Thank goodness it's very regular and always starts at day 27/28 so there is an end in sight. 

I had been thinking about trying  CBD oil for my PMS, or it could be PMDD according to Dr. Google, but I had no idea where to start looking. I read about the benefits for hormone health and was really interested in trying it before I pursued prescription meds. I decided to try Equlibria CBD oil after hearing so many influencers talk about it on Instagram. Normally I don't even bat an eye at the brands they're promoting but I was desperate in getting my PMS under control and there was a 15% off code AND I used my HSA card to pay for it, I figured now is the time. Oh yah, this was also right during the thick of quarantine and my day to day anxiety was at an all time high. 

I went with the Balance Box which has the Daily Drops and the Daily Soft Gels. I use the drops before bed and the soft gels after I eat breakfast. I got my package in the mail right when my PMS was starting so it came at perfect time. 

So my thoughts- Do I think it works?

I absolutely do. It gives me this comforting calmness and I really and truly do feel less anxious. I used to always feel my heart racing when I would get the slightest bit nervous about anything and it doesn't seem to happen ever since I started using CBD oil. I find I'm more productive, I baked allll last week which I NEVER do. My kids don't annoy me nearly as much as they normally do after being home all day. At first I thought, is it just the placebo effect? So I didn't use it for a few days, and the anxiety came back. The tension and worry was there again. I knew it did work. As for PMS, I felt totally normal last month. I was shocked it worked that well but it really did. I can't even tell you how wonderful that felt not having the constant feeling of being hot, my heart racing, anxiety bubbling up more each day like it could explode, and that at any second I could lash out about something so ridiculous. 

Do I recommend using the drops AND the soft gels?

This I don't know for certain. I do think using the combo helps because you're getting more of the dose. I don't have a problem with sleeping so I can't say if the drops help so much for that which is what it's usually for since you take it at night. Either way, I use both of them because I do like to think the combo of the two works better than just using one. The drops are fast acting and the soft gels are long acting. They also say it takes a few days for the CBD to build in your system so you may not feel the results immediately. 

You can read all about Equlibria here if you want to. This is a referral code so you get $10 off your first order and I get $10 in store credit. If anyone has questions you can comment here or email me and I'll do my best to answer them! I'm not really that educated on it and no one is paying me to write this, haha, so aside from what I've shared I don't know too much more beyond this. I do recommend trying it if you've been suffering from anxiety. There is no high feeling at all just calmness and less worry which I think we could all use a little bit of right now!

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