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by Ally- Life as I know it, 12:00 AM

1// We had a great day at the beach on Monday! The weather was overcast and not too hot. And for a day after a holiday weekend, it wasn't packed at all. The beach or the pool is what we do now every weekend and we're so lucky we have those options. 

Link for my swimsuit above. It's the very best to hide any "mom tummy" and still flattering. It's perfect for running around and chasing kids. 

2// My birthday is later this month and I'm trying to decide what I want to do for it. Normally we would go out to dinner but with all that's going on with Covid I just don't know if I want to risk going out! But there's also part of me that says, it's going to be like this FOR A LONG TIME so be careful, wear a mask, and go out to dinner for your birthday. I think we've all had to learn that life doesn't stop even though there's an awful pandemic going on. This dress caught my eye if we do go out to dinner. Or if we decide to stay home I just might wear it, too!

A few others at Mango I'm loving:

3// I listened to two of the best podcasts this week. First was an interview with Dr. Steven Gundry on The Skinny Confidential Podcast Him and Her. They discussed everything from Covid-19, to hormones, to longevity, to reversing thyroid disease, and so much more. It was excellent! I love all things anti aging/wellness so I was in heaven. And the second podcast was called Your Brain on Birth Control on Kelly Leveque's podcast Be Well. Also so good and very fascinating. There's so much we aren't taught about our hormones as women that we should be more educated on.

4// How delicious does this Blueberry Buckle look?! It makes my mouth water every time I see it! We have so many blueberries in our freezer, I think I might make this this weekend.

5//  I have admired cameo jewelry ever since my mom started wearing a cameo ring that belonged to my grandmother years ago- I'm hoping she'll pass it down to me ones of these days! I really like things that are nostalgic/vintage so I fell in love with the cameo earrings I'm wearing below.

Of course they're sold out but there's so many more on the website available that are also beautiful. Nicola Bathie runs sales often and they're good ones, like 50% off!

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