5 on Friday

by Ally- Life as I know it, 12:30 AM

1// I found these crab plates at HomeGoods and had to buy them. I love to collect random plates and I mean random, half the time I end up with only 3 plates but I figure I can always mix and match. In this case, there was only 2 but then my mom found more while she was browsing Stein Mart the other day. I found a link if you want to check them out. I think they're perfect for a summer seafood dinner!

2// I made these delicious Buttermilk-Peach Popsicles and they were a hit. So much that when I asked Elsie for a bite, this was what I got:

But then she gave in...

3//  My favorite bra that I only wear is on sale. This was the bra I got fitted for at Dillard's after I stopped breastfeeding both of my babies. I used to think a bra at Target was the same as a bra at a fine department store. Then I started wearing nicer bras and actually got fitted correctly, and what a difference that made! I'm pretty boring and only wear nude but I don't have to worry about it showing underneath my shirt ever!

4// I shared this on instastories but thought I would share on here as well. Oliver has been very cautious with learning to swim until this year. We started swim lessons at Kids First Swim and those have been amazing. He's developed so much confidence in the water but he still isn't ready to swim on his own. My sister in law recommended the VSATEN and said this was what all 3 of her kids used to learn to swim. It attaches on the child's back and as they get more comfortable with swimming, you can take a piece of foam off. Eventually you take all 3 pieces of foam off and they're swimming on their own. Oliver loves it and it really allows him to use the skills he's learned in swim lessons.

5// A few deals I had to share:

An easy summer dress for only $20. A packable straw hat. I bought it in the Warm Nutmeg color. And a locket to hold pictures of my babies. Use code FUN15 to get an additional 15% off!

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