Hanging plates on a wall

by Ally- Life as I know it, 9:47 PM

I recently hung 9 porcelain plates on a wall in our breakfast nook and I love how it turned out. The wall needed some freshening up and I just randomly decided one day that plates would look great for the space. I had vintage plates to use that had been passed down to me from my great grandmother, grandmother, and mother, which I think is so neat. I just imagine all the time different time periods those plates went through. I always say if those plates could talk, oh the stories they would tell! A few had very old sticky stuff on them from when they were hung on a wall before. They're all mismatched too which is exactly what I wanted. 

When it came time to hang them, I researched a good bit and decided to use Flatirons Discs. All the reviews were fantastic and when the time comes you want to take the adhesive disc off, you just soak it in warm water. So there's no damage to the plates like the wire hangers you traditionally see used to hang plates on a wall. 

First thing I did was decide where I wanted the plates to go by tracing each plate on a piece of paper then cut it out to use as a model of where the actual plates would go. Make sure you use the front of the plate when you trace, not the back! Oh, and I also wrote on each piece of traced plate paper a description of which plate it was. Otherwise you wouldn't know which paper belonged to which plate- hope that makes sense! You can see in my picture below what I'm talking about. 

Once I had the pattern picked out for the wall, I went ahead and put Discs on to the back of each plate. They take 24 hours to dry so make sure you plan for that! You use water to make a paste on the Disc and they get super sticky.

Next night, the discs were all dry and it was time to hang the plates. We used a basic nail to hang the plates on the wall. The discs are super strong and those plates aren't going anywhere so a nail worked fine. Theo actually did the hanging part, he's much better with hanging stuff than I am! We wanted the plates to be asymmetrical in some areas but also wanted them lined up together. You can do whatever type of pattern, or no pattern at all, and just wing it and they'll look great. I Googled so many different looks for plates hung on the wall and really anything goes.

And we're done! There have been zero plate causalities so the Discs work! I may even add in a few more plates eventually but for now I'm really happy with it. 

There are so many well-priced mismatched porcelain plates for sale on Etsy. I was actually getting ready to order some from Etsy before my mom told me she had plates I could use. But here are some styles I was looking at:

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