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by Ally- Life as I know it, 12:00 AM

Hi friends! Sorry for the very long radio silence around here, did not plan for that! If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that on July 22 my husband had a stroke. I"ll probably talk about it one day on my blog when I can find the time because I know I received a lot of questions and concerns about it since he was only 34 years old. But until then, you can check out my IG for updates.

Today I came on to do what I love the most which is sharing my favorite finds!

1// This dress is my newest obsessions for fall. It's the perfect amount of heaviness but yet its 100% cotton so you won't sweat to death if you wear it during a 80 degree day. You can wear the sleeves long or push them up. It has a small puff sleeve to make it feminine and trendy. It's just perfect and only $25! I'm wearing a size small and I'm normally size 4/6.

2// I got so tired of losing Elsie's bows constantly and having to run to the store to buy new ones. I searched on Amazon and found this pack of 40 bows for only $11! It's 20 colors with two bows of each color and they're not bad quality at all! Now if we lose one, we'll have a a backup and she'll have a bow to match every outfit.

3// If you're looking for a weeknight meal, the Chicken Parmesan meal kit at Chick Fil A was really good! It was a nice change from the typical sandwich that we eat there way too often. It was very easy to make, or so Theo told me, he does all the cooking. Not because I can't, he just enjoys it and I find it stressful! I would imagine it's very good therapy for him after having a stroke, too! 

4// This fall outfit I found for Elsie at Target of all places. I wish the jacket came in my size and the overalls are just adorable. I bought her a a size 3T in both the jacket and the overalls. She's on the tall side for being 2 and I think OshKosh runs small personally. 

5// We've now made 2 batches of our favorite pumpkin muffin mix and I may have bought a third box to make this weekend! It only has 6 ingredients and the muffins are better than the ones I used to make from scratch. Oliver gobbles them up. I have to hide them or he would eat the whole batch in one day!

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