Treating mascne

by Ally- Life as I know it, 10:00 PM

I am all for wearing a mask right now but I know I'm not alone with the skin issues it's caused! My co workers and I are forever talking about how wearing a mask all day long has wreaked havoc on our skin. Whether it be acne, rashes, or dryness, our skin is just not used to wearing a mask for 8-10 hours a day. Since it seems the mask wearing isn't go anywhere anytime soon, thanks Covid!, I changed up my skincare to help prevent getting "mascne"- acne caused by wearing a mask. Actually it's done such a good job on my skin, it's truly never looked better. Well, except for when I was 19 years old with zero acne or wrinkles but you know what I mean! 


I started using these glycolic wipes, Glycolix Elite, in June. I was back at work from quarantine for over a month and my skin was freaking out. I had previously used P50 by Biologique Recherche and it worked great up until I started wearing a mask at work all day. It just wasn't cutting it and my skin kept getting worse and worse. I had seen the Glycolix wipes on a few different Instagram accounts and everyone was constantly raving about them. So at a moment of desperation I bought them on Amazon and hoped they would work miracles! The first 4-6 weeks were ROUGH. My skin freaked out like crazy. Some people tend to purge from glycolic acids and I'm definitely one of them. But once the purge was over with and the acne cleared up, I was left with clear skin. I have the most acne prone skin ever that's just gotten worse with age and for once in my 30's my skin is clear. That's even after wearing a mask 8-10 hours a day at work and I still very rarely get a pimple. I use the wipes just once a day, at night, but you could use them twice a day if your skin can handle it. Mine could not, too much exfoliation, so once a day works for me! 

I've used a couple of different Vitamin C serums but my favorite is by Mad Hippie. I use it twice a day, morning and night, and it's been excellent for lightening acne scars and evening out my skin tone. Vitamin C used in conjunction with sunscreen, this is what I use and it's also amazing for acne prone skin!, is the power couple of sun protection. 

At the end of the day, after I've washed my face and done the rest of my skincare, I look so forward to using my Cica Cream. It's very luxurious in texture and I actually really like the smell but what it does for your skin is even better. It's anti-aging, calms, smooths, and moisturizes your skin. It has not once caused me to breakout. It leaves your skin plump, dewy, smooth, and gives you a pearlescent glow. It's just the best! I was using a night cream before this that cost 5 times the price and it never worked as well as this $20 Cica Cream does. 

And then for the random pimples, this is still my absolute favorite for spot treatment.  

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