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I started getting into setting the table each night during quarantine. I think I was looking for a creative outlet and a way to escape from the craziness that was going on. Also, Theo does most of the cooking each night and he makes these beautiful Blue Apron meals and I feel like this is my contribution! Prior to this we would scarf down our food at the bar but having nice cloth napkins and pretty plates on a charger really does help you slow down and enjoy your meal. I also always have fresh flowers on the table. They're just grocery store flowers but if you arrange them yourself in a nice vase, they look really elegant. 

I buy most of my plates from HomeGoods/ TJ Maxx/ Marshall's because they have such a unique selection at great prices. Usually you'll only find 3 or 4 so they probably aren't ones I would use if we have a larger dinner party. I have white plates from Bed Bath and Beyond that are better for a bigger group. I recently found these Spode Christmas bowls at Marshall's I couldn't pass on. Spode dinnerware is so timeless and something you would pass down to each generation. Spode Blue Italian China is majorly on my wish list. I found the blue and white plates shown in the picture below at World Market. It looks like they're sold out online but I bought mine in store so check there!

I've bought all of my chargers from Target. I used these and these over the summer and recently bought these to use during the fall/winter. Really any of them could work all year round though! 

We have basic stainless flatware we got for our wedding but I also like to use this faux bamboo set. It isn't the best quality and I can tell it won't last for years but it wasn't expensive at all and looks nice. I do love the darker bamboo for the fall!

These are the glasses we use most days. They're very sturdy and they have a vintage look that I love. I have them in blue but they also come in pink and green which are equally as pretty.

And my favorite part of setting the table, picking out the napkins! I've bought so many sets from India Amory and have to restrain myself from buying more each time she comes out with a new print! Her block print napkins are great quality and just beautiful.  I wash them often and although they mention the colors could lighten, I haven't had an issue.  How I keep them clean: as soon as we're done eating I throw the napkins in cold water and let them sit. This helps to stop any stains from setting in. I spot treat stains with Puracy and then wash in cold water on delicate. Before I put them in the dryer, I always make sure the stains are gone because once the dryer gets them, the stain gets set in! So if I need to spot treat for a second time I will. Puracy does a really good job with stains so I don't have that problem too often. 

I own cloth napkins from Pottery Barn and they definitely aren't the quality of India Amory's but you can't beat the price and they're still very pretty. I also have the matching tablecloth to use on our outdoor table.

A few things on my wish list: I recently bought these tobacco leaf plates when they were on sale but even at full price they're not expensive. These monogrammed dinner napkins would make a great wedding gift. I love how classic they are and would work for any occasion. I'm obsessed with these block print napkins to use during the colder months. And these red rimmed plates would look amazing paired with the napkins. Oh, and these Lenox plates for fall are an absolute dream! 

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  1. Fun! I found some melamine tobacco leaf plates at Biscuit and I love them. The India Amory napkins are stunning.


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