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2020 meant lots of time at home so I decided to work on my skincare and fix up my house- I'll write another post on those updates! I started incorporating a few new beauty/wellness items in my daily routine and have been very happy with the results. They're kind of all over the place- vitamins, skincare, haircare, and even a home appliance! 

Alright lets start with vitamins. I suffer from horrible PMS each month. I have crazy mood swings, acne, I can't sleep yet I'm exhausted and can't keep my eyes open, and my anxiety/OCD is through the roof. I've definitely found that getting enough sleep helps a lot and so does avoiding sugar/white carbs. I also started taking Prozac over the summer after Theo's stroke and it has helped A TON but not 100%. A few months back I read that if you have awful PMS to take a B vitamin. B vitamins are essential for liver detoxification and your liver is what removes excess estrogen from your body. Too much estrogen is usually the reason for PMS symptoms. I knew I wanted a good quality vitamin so I went with Thorne's B Complex, I actually used my HSA card to purchase it- just FYI! It's taken a few cycles but I can tell definitely a difference in how I feel day to day and the 10-14 days before my period where I feel my worst. Less anxiety and OCD for sure and more energy. I'm happy with it!

I was totally influenced by a podcast to buy Just Thrive's Probiotic. I've always been on the fence if probiotics are even worth taking because it seems like everyone has conflicting opinions about them! And I also know you can't out supplement a bad diet so if you're eating junky foods all the time, a little probiotic probably isn't going to change your health too much. I eat pretty healthy and Covid times are also desperate times so I decided to try Just Thrive for my immune health. I can't really say if I've noticed too much of a difference since taking it. I will say, I did have Covid over Christmas and got over it really fast so did the probiotic make a difference?! Who knows, but it didn't hurt! I also used my HSA card to purchase! I highly recommend listening to the podcast if you're interested in learning more about probiotics!

I recently started using a humidifier when I sleep at night and I have been totally blown away with how amazing it is. I ordered it after listening to another podcast that talked about why we should all be using one. Some of the benefits are: it keeps your skin hydrated, opens your nasal passages so it reduces the risk of respiratory infection, gives you sinus relief, promotes better sleep, and prevents snoring. I always wake up extremely congested with puffy eyes and it takes hours for me to look normal. I also get terrible sinus headaches from the constant pressure. Since using a humidifier in my room at night I can breathe well when I wake up, I have zero sinus pressure, and my eyes are no longer puffy! I actually received mine the day I got sick with Covid, not knowing that's what it was at the time, and I suffered from zero respiratory issues. I wish I had started using a humidifier years ago, I had no idea all of the benefits of it! It's very quiet with only a light sound that I find soothing and occasionally you'll hear water trickle. 

For years I was content with using "cheaper" Vitamin C serums because I felt like they did a pretty decent job. I always heard about medical grade Vit C serums but they're so much money so I never looked into. I worked with a nurse one day who raved about Obagi's 20% Vit C and said it really was worth it. I was kind of feeling eh about my skin, mask wearing has done a number on it, and I decided to give it a try. I really do think it has taken my skin to the next level. My pitted acne scars have decreased a ton and overall my skin just looks better. Theo actually commented on it the other day and said it looks so much better than it did before. My opinion, I think if you have normal skin with no acne/scars, or texture issues then Maelove the Glow Maker and Mad Hippie Vitamin C serum are all you need. But if your skin needs a little extra TLC then Obagi's 20% Vic C serum is worth trying out! I use it once a day, in the morning after I wash my face but before I apply sunscreen.

If you aren't using these Glycolix wipes yet, then start now! They're so good for texture, scars, redness, wrinkles, everything. I was using 15% but finally realized that after 6 months it was still burning pretty bad after application so I might need to go down to 10%. More is definitely not always better! I have sensitive skin and I think it was over exfoliating my skin so 10% works much better. I use the wipes at night, after I clean my face.

This is a great facewash- Revision Brightening Facial Wash. It's medical grade so it's a bit pricier but I only use it in the morning so it'll last awhile. A lot of people use it twice a day but my skin is so sensitive and I think it would be overkill on the glycolic so I stick to the morning only. 

And last, if you make it this long!, Briogeo Farewell Frizz Leave-in Conditioning Spray is excellent for frizzy hair. It also smells amazing. 
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