Favorite Coffee Table Books

by Ally- Life as I know it, 10:05 PM


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Since I have zero time, or interest it seems in reading an actual book lately, coffee table books are what I prefer. I love how they work as decor in your home but if you actually sit down to read them, most have lots of amazing information. I do have a few books I bought at Estate Sales solely for the purpose of decoration for my coffee table. There's one about Paris and it's all in French so it's definitely not getting read! It's a pretty book though! Aside from a few of those, all my others are bought after researching and deciding that they fit my personal style. I'd prefer they offer valuable information as well as pictures because like I said, I do enjoy reading them! I've always been a dreamer and love the simple things in life so to me flipping through pages of beautiful decorated homes is heaven to me. Some of these books are older but their style is classic and timeless and works in the present day too. 

I always try to find the books I buy from secondhand stores like Betterworldbooks.com or thriftbooks.com and I've had lots of luck. But, there are times where the books are the same price as the brand new edition on Amazon or just isn't available on those websites. But I do like to search for secondhand first!

Coffee table books are such an easy way to decorate your home. I don't have them just on my coffee table, they're all over my house. Stacked on a garden stool in my living room, on the entry way table, my dresser. I even have a stack on Theo's ugly subwoofer he insists on having in our house! 

Hope this gives you some inspiration and ideas on using coffee table books not only as reading material but as decor in your home!

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