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by Ally- Life as I know it, 3:03 PM

I've definitely gotten serious about decorating my home lately and have been having so much fun searching for new finds. Shopping for clothes or kids' stuff has been my biggest interest for the past 5 years or so with my house not being a priority. If I spotted something I liked or if we desperately needed a new rug of course I would buy one. But, I wouldn't spend hours a day gazing through beautiful Instagram accounts or coffee table books looking for ideas.

My decorating style hasn't changed, traditional with blues and greens and English/countryside, but for so long that wasn't really in style. Everyone wanted farmhouse or bohemian or all white and because that didn't spark my interest, I felt kind of lost with how to decorate. I knew what I liked but didn't really know what to do with it. I've never been afraid of brown furniture or using vintage/hand me downs from my family. I absolutely love when something has history and wear on it. It gives it a soul and character. It has so much more meaning than buying something everyone else has from a big box store. I used to go to Estate sales every Friday before I had children and would come home with the neatest finds. Being stuck at home during Covid times has given me so much motivation to scour the internet or pop into a thrift store/consignment store to look for interesting pieces to update my house. Which is funny because most of the stuff I've bought is way older than me! Today I'm going to share my favorite finds so far. I'd say most are vintage rather than antique. If you don't know the difference between the two words, because I find people use them interchangeably, Vintage is something that is 20-90 years old and an Antique is 100 years old plus.

This table was a Facebook Marketplace find and it was one of those times where I went looking for a table, and found exactly what I wanted. That DOES NOT happen usually! It fits perfectly in our small breakfast nook area and has such a classic look to it, I just love it. The chairs have a pretty muted sea foam green upholstery on them that ties in with the rest of my house. It was truly a find that I knew I couldn't pass on because I would never again find anything like it. 

I also found the blue and white chinoiserie lamp from FBMP. It's sits perfectly on my little bar cart. It was a gem of a find. 

When we bought our bedroom set, like 6 years ago, we went with the all matching set look. Which of course  I can't stand now! I'm on the look out for white night stands though! Anyways, I knew I wanted a long stool to break up the monotony in the bedroom and make it look a bit more custom rather than big box store. I found this stool while browsing at Consign Charleston and knew it would it be perfect for our bedroom. It was the perfect length for our king size bed and the colors in the upholstery would go really well. If you aren't familiar how consignment works, there's a beginning price and then if it doesn't sell, every few weeks the price drops. I would go by often to see if it was still for sale because I wanted that price to drop! After about 4-6 weeks, the price dropped to the lowest one and I bought it! Now it has a home in our house and looks great.

This chair was a FMBP find and I kind of bought it on a whim. I wanted an accent chair in our living room and when I saw the ad, I decided to go look at it. When I got there I realized it had a bunch of stains on it and the cushion needed to be repaired. Overall it's a great chair and very heavy so those are all cosmetic issues. I ended up buying it and decided I would spot treat it myself and get it back to good as new. Except that cleaning it made it worse! The stains did not go away, just spread more. I was so mad at myself! I called Stanley Steamer to see if they could clean it and the employee told me he could definitely clean it, but those spots would not go away. Something about the fabric of the chair. I let him clean it, so at least I would know it was clean. I do think the stains aren't as noticeable and I really think they're more like water marks than stains. They aren't noticeable unless you know to look for them. I also bought a blanket to lay across the worst areas. I still do really like the chair and I'm happy I bought it, it looks great I think. One day maybe I'll reupholster it but for now it's fine.

Bamboo chairs at full price are hundreds of dollars, for one chair. I found these on FBMP for $50 for 4! There was a 4th chair but the seat was really messed up, plus I only needed 3 so I tossed it. The woman who sold them to me said they came with her house when she bought it and they took up too much space. Her trash was my treasure because these work perfectly. They're very sturdy so when my kids climb up and down they don't fall over. My husband doesn't understand my obsession with them, I mean he saw nothing wrong with our old stools and let me tell you, they were old and so ugly. I think they were an awesome find!

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