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I have got my makeup routine down so that I'm done within 5 minutes. I am a horrible procrastinator (Enneagram #9!) and will get up at the very last second and therefore I'm left rushing to get out the door. I have found that taking care of your skin is really first when it comes to how you wear your makeup. If you use good quality skincare and your skin is in the best shape, then you don't need a lot of makeup. So skincare is where I focus my time so I'm able to apply very little makeup.

First, which I don't have on here is sunscreen. I ALWAYS wear EltaMD UV Clear sunscreen. Sunscreen is the #1 to prevent aging so I wear it everyday. EltaMD goes on like a moisturizer and a primer. 

Then I apply foundation, Gressa Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation. It's pricey but a little goes along way. It comes in a dropper like a serum would and even applies like a serum. It leaves an airbrushed, natural look. I usually apply a very small amount, just enough to even out my skin tone. It can look cakey if too much is applied. I wear shade 2.5.

The best concealer by Kosas. I use it for under my eyes and if I have any blemishes. It does a great job of concealing so just like Gressa above, you don't need much. On days I work and wear a mask all day, I only apply it under my eyes since the mask covers up the rest of my face. I wear shade 2.

Another Kosas product, the Longitude Zero blush. Such a pretty rosey color. It's very pigmented so use a light hand when applying. 

I love the Billion Dollar Brows Universal Eyebrow Pencil. They claim the color works for any eyebrow color. Coloring my eyebrows in is a necessity for me. It really does frame your face.

I'm not picky with eyeliner and usually stick with whatever is the cheapest. Currently I'm using NYX in the shade brown. I just line my upper eye lid half way and a tiny bit on my lower lid. I usually end up smudging it with a q-tip to make it look more natural. Being fair with light eyes, too much eyeliner looks bad!

Thrive Mascara has become my most favorite mascara ever and the only one I'll ever use again. It's also the most expensive mascara I've ever bought but it has lasted me for months. Much longer than the cheaper products have. It's the only mascara that never smudges, at all. After a full day of wearing, there is zero smudge under my eyes. I have never found a mascara to be that good before. It's great for lengthening and darkening too. Believe the hype, it's the best!

And last, lipstick. I've been loving Kosas Lipstick in Stardust. I'm so light skinned that without something on my lips, I look sick! This a pretty pink that I wear day or night.

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